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Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Work: Jilie's 3rd Beachy Birthday

When Mrs. J told me she wanted to have Jilie's (her daughter) birthday in Capitola I thought AWESOME!!! This kid has the best birthday locations. Then I went on vacation and got really sick. So sick I was suggested to have my tonsils remove. I had to be on bed rest for 10 days. Of course those 10 days ran into the birthday party date. Wahhhhh.

Oh well.. So I said I'd help with the map for the invitations. The front was designed by tonypsd. An awesome illustrator. I wrote about him a few time. He's so freaken talented.


I bought candies and gave the parents vases/jars to set up a candy buffet. I wished I was there but I got texts and compliments of the buffet. I'm so glad it look so cute. Here's the set up a few days before to show Mrs. J:


Here's the set up that Mr. & Mrs. J did. Photos by Mrs. J's sister-in-law: Rosy.

More photos to come from the pro.

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jordana rlya said...

This is so cute!! I want to be an event coordinator too. Follow my blog at