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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Finds: Leather bracelets

Accessories are one my favorite thing to shop for. Ok... I love to shop for anything. But I rarely wear jewelry so when I buy them I buy them with the intention to just wear that one piece. Nothing matches each other much... and I think this is normal in my world.

So this fall season my new crave is ..dun dun dun.. leather bracelets. They are sooo cute. It's edgy, yet crafty looking. One shopping day in SF I almost picked up one at Nordy... but it didn't fit right. So I'm gonna shop for one at Etsy :).

I heart Etsy... because 1) it's handmade and 2)the sellers have excellent customer service. So if a piece doesn't fit me and I ask the seller a question. Most will charge very little or none at all for custom lengthening, widening.. etc. Because they understand not everyone fit the same. :)

Check out these babies:

Peak-a-boo Turquoise Recycled Leather Cuff by Kristin Malotte

Source here

Copper sunset recycled leather wrap by Kristin Malotte

Source here

Teal green leather bracelet with a silver chain woven by SandintheSky

Source here

Light green/white leather wrap bracelet by 10 Kiaat Street

Source here

Chocolate Leather with Sterling Accent Beads by London Anaise

Source here

That's it for now folks!