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Friday, June 25, 2010


"...Is it me you're looking for????" - Lionel Richie's Hello

Sorry. I'm MIA yet again. I've been sick for a month now. Yes on my trip, my first ever to the East Coast, I was sick. I'm still sick. I finally have some energy but I'm trying to take it easy. Found out from a recent doctor's appointment I have to get my tonsils removed because they are abnormally large. This makes infection, which makes me feel yucky. So in 3 weeks I go in for my first ever surgery. Then I'm on medical leave for 10 days. YIKES! What's a girl to do.... Fine! I'll rest.

I'm posting this today just because my husband made me find it to show someone. I think it's a great way to showcase my work (planning and stationery). I have shared it in the past but... let's refresh everyone with the greatest day of my life shall we?

The videographer was C3 Videography who put together this lovely mini-recap for us. Our beautiful floral arrangements were done by our florist who was Huckleberry Karen Designs. Our wonderful day of coordinator was Lisa from Bellissima Vita Weddings who help laid out all our decor. And just because I feel like mentioning who our photographer was: Ed Pingol Photography. And this awesome venue was the Holiday Inn SFO. The venue was rocked by our fab-u-lous dj Chrismixx from Syncronized Sounds.

Enjoy !

The Mad's Wedding Video Montage from Maritess Madrinan on Vimeo.

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