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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Finds: Cute Wedding video

I apologize this is a lazy post. It's a crazy week ahead of me. I need to take things in stride but when things aren't going well plan I freak. So I'll go run off and find a place to hang out for my cousin's birthday this weekend...blah. But I leave you with this video of my friend and his wife. Made by Tony PSD's cousin as a gift that was presented on their wedding day. I love personal out of the box touches.


Monday, January 18, 2010

My work: Happy Animal Monday

Rar!!! I'm just trying to be silly because it's Monday and it's MLK but I still have work. Boo! But a quick post. I made these lovelies for a candy buffet set up by my partner at An Inspired Event Mrs. J.

She sent me a photos of the booth. I literally shrieked when I opened my mail. They are so adorable.

Image by Mrs. J

In details

Image by Mrs. J

I'm thinking of having a naming contest because I want these little ones to be a permanent character of mines. I'm seeing birthday invites, stationary, etc. What should be the prize?? I'm still not sure.

Thanks to Mrs. J for the photos and congrats on a great job! Have a great week!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Finds: Etsy for Valentines

I started out the New Year right with diet and exercise... now I feel a little off.. I haven't touched my creative side in awhile. I need to make a list. I have so much jobs to finish and personal stuff to do. I feel I've been neglecting them. So one of my to-do is to take down my holiday stuff (he he he) and put up some Valentines stuff. So I looked around Etsy for inspiration.

Boy do I heart Etsy. The creativity level makes me kick myself in the ass for not thinking about them in the first place. Here are my faves:

Kids/Crafty Stuffs









I love how these are all outside of the box and how some of them threw in some nice blues. I think the animal ideas are my fave. Although I like the robots too. I don't know why?

Monday, January 4, 2010

HAPPY Twenty Ten!

My vision board courtesy of

I want to be fit enough to be comfortable in a bathing suit, shorts, and wear heels. I want my legs to fit a knee-high boots. I'd like to work out hard enough so when my NYC trip comes around I'm well prepared for all the walking. I want to find a hula home again. I feel so insecure about hip hop dancing so I'd like to take classes again in it again. I'm getting into the party coordinating business with my bestie. I hope my health is up to the hard work we're about to endure and love. I want my design to be successful and gain more clients this year. I want to be a mom soon. I want to mind my health so when we are blessed I'm ready.

Doing a vision board is a fun way to start the year. I have a lot of things to look foward to this year. My HR director said 2009 was a bad year because if you translate 9 in German what does it mean? I had no clue when she told me that 9 is neun prounced "non".

Let's make it a good one folks.