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Friday, December 17, 2010

AIE's End of the Year Sale

I'm not sure if I ever told you all... Mrs. J (my bff) and I started a Day of Coordination/Event Consulting Company. And since we had a great year we're doing this End of the Year Sale. Book us for your 2011 event (and beyond) with your deposit and you can keep the 2010 rates.

Get it while it's hot.

Click on the image or url ( to be taken to our website. Which by the way was totally built by moi.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Great finds: Jo Totes - Camera bags for womens

I was looking around for something new and came across this tote. I thought sooo cute... Who would've thought they were camera bags. What?

Missy - Gray

How adorable! Here is another fave:

Rose - Sugarplum

Thank you Jo Totes for thinking of us women that buy cute purses & DSLRS :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

In-sites #23: Taka Maka Blog

I have worked at several companies in my lifetime and I have to say I'm fortunate enough to meet plenty of co-workers that are very ambitious outside of work. My current day job is full of go-getters. It's f-n amazing and so inspirational.

This entry is about one of my officemate named Pascal. He has a funny and informative blog. It's mostly about fashion but there are other fun discussions as well. You have to read his blog... It's the SHIZNITZ.
Check it out:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Work: Jilie's 3rd Beachy Birthday

When Mrs. J told me she wanted to have Jilie's (her daughter) birthday in Capitola I thought AWESOME!!! This kid has the best birthday locations. Then I went on vacation and got really sick. So sick I was suggested to have my tonsils remove. I had to be on bed rest for 10 days. Of course those 10 days ran into the birthday party date. Wahhhhh.

Oh well.. So I said I'd help with the map for the invitations. The front was designed by tonypsd. An awesome illustrator. I wrote about him a few time. He's so freaken talented.


I bought candies and gave the parents vases/jars to set up a candy buffet. I wished I was there but I got texts and compliments of the buffet. I'm so glad it look so cute. Here's the set up a few days before to show Mrs. J:


Here's the set up that Mr. & Mrs. J did. Photos by Mrs. J's sister-in-law: Rosy.

More photos to come from the pro.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Personal Spiel: Family first

This year has been a busy and trying year. Busy=good. My family went through an ordeal this year. I really should stop the dramatics because in reality we're all healthy and living. It just that for over 25 + years we lived in our little 4 bedroom home on Camargo Court and last May we had to say goodbye to it.

It was heart breaking because it was the meeting place. I live in South San Francisco now, a sister lives nearby Camargo Court, and another sister lives in San Diego. If we wanted to gather it was that place we would gather. And it was THE place to hang out when we were kids. So much memories. In the end it was for the best. The economy went down and it got the best of us. But now we're stress free from the mortgage and look forward to making wiser investments this time around.

Flash forward to the end of August... I saw on Facebook Margaret Jacobsen advertising a family photo discount. A light went off in my head. What if I can get the family we are today together and start new memories? Let's do it for a happy occasion like my dad's and youngest sister's birthday and the oldest niece's first year of kindergarten (tear- happy ones I swear).

We are anxiously awaiting the proofs from the pro but we took some behind the scenes. Just for the occasion I made a little quilt for my dad as his real gift to present to him. My poor dad raised a house full of girls (including my mother :P). Eventually each one of us will get married and the family name will trickle out but I wanted him to know it'll always be a part of us no matter what.

I worked with Fabrics on Demand (great company) to print my art of a cheater quilt onto fabrics. The art are of colors and fave hobbies of every person in my immediate family.


Here are our behind the scenes shots. Photos were taken by me and Mr. Mad.

Oldest and youngest sisters

sisters goddaughters

Obviously someone is more of a ham than others. Maybe because she had her wonderful purple make-up done by her Auntie Jennie of Pretty Dolled Up.

The MEN in the family

mens copy

Grandparents w/their Apo's (tagalog for grandchildren)
parents grandchildren

Sheila the birthday girl

My Sisters for Life


Enjoy those precious moments. Because they go fast.

Oh and by the way... you think my family was coordinated in colors because we're good like that? I'm very detailed:

color inspiration copy

Note: color inspiration - Color inspiration for family shoot. Sunset colors is the focus Since that's dad's fave colors. Sources are from GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Macy's.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Finds: Leather bracelets

Accessories are one my favorite thing to shop for. Ok... I love to shop for anything. But I rarely wear jewelry so when I buy them I buy them with the intention to just wear that one piece. Nothing matches each other much... and I think this is normal in my world.

So this fall season my new crave is ..dun dun dun.. leather bracelets. They are sooo cute. It's edgy, yet crafty looking. One shopping day in SF I almost picked up one at Nordy... but it didn't fit right. So I'm gonna shop for one at Etsy :).

I heart Etsy... because 1) it's handmade and 2)the sellers have excellent customer service. So if a piece doesn't fit me and I ask the seller a question. Most will charge very little or none at all for custom lengthening, widening.. etc. Because they understand not everyone fit the same. :)

Check out these babies:

Peak-a-boo Turquoise Recycled Leather Cuff by Kristin Malotte

Source here

Copper sunset recycled leather wrap by Kristin Malotte

Source here

Teal green leather bracelet with a silver chain woven by SandintheSky

Source here

Light green/white leather wrap bracelet by 10 Kiaat Street

Source here

Chocolate Leather with Sterling Accent Beads by London Anaise

Source here

That's it for now folks!

Friday, July 23, 2010

PSA: Aaron Paul Juni presents BULLETPROOF

Hey ya'll. I've been away recuperating. I'm slowly picking things back up. I had to have my tonsils remove. Crazy times. Never doing that again ;).

If you're in the area and need something interesting to do on Friday July 30th or Saturday July 31st, 2010 then check out this fashion show by Mrs. J's nephew. I've seen this kid's work at their family functions and he is talented. You don't want to miss out witnessing a rising star feature some of his work.

Here in his words about this event:

First of all, its a fashion show.

Come check out my latest collection, BULLETPROOF as it makes its debut on the runway on Friday and Saturday! $5 gets you in the door and helps fund the next show in the fall!

The theme is WAR so come dressed to kill and rock that military jacket you got stashed in the closet!
PS: Here is a link to my company Facebook page!


Check it out. Help someone achieve their dreams.

Date & Time      July 30 at 8:00pm - July 31 at 8:00pm
APJ Headquarters
11479 Clayton Road ZIP: 95127
San Jose, CA


Friday, June 25, 2010


"...Is it me you're looking for????" - Lionel Richie's Hello

Sorry. I'm MIA yet again. I've been sick for a month now. Yes on my trip, my first ever to the East Coast, I was sick. I'm still sick. I finally have some energy but I'm trying to take it easy. Found out from a recent doctor's appointment I have to get my tonsils removed because they are abnormally large. This makes infection, which makes me feel yucky. So in 3 weeks I go in for my first ever surgery. Then I'm on medical leave for 10 days. YIKES! What's a girl to do.... Fine! I'll rest.

I'm posting this today just because my husband made me find it to show someone. I think it's a great way to showcase my work (planning and stationery). I have shared it in the past but... let's refresh everyone with the greatest day of my life shall we?

The videographer was C3 Videography who put together this lovely mini-recap for us. Our beautiful floral arrangements were done by our florist who was Huckleberry Karen Designs. Our wonderful day of coordinator was Lisa from Bellissima Vita Weddings who help laid out all our decor. And just because I feel like mentioning who our photographer was: Ed Pingol Photography. And this awesome venue was the Holiday Inn SFO. The venue was rocked by our fab-u-lous dj Chrismixx from Syncronized Sounds.

Enjoy !

The Mad's Wedding Video Montage from Maritess Madrinan on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great Finds: Kate's Paperie

I've always <3 this store. More for the beautiful paper they have. But just recently I've noticed their gifts and home goods products. Here are some of my faves.

Vintage Scissors

Source found here

Eco-Friend Picnic Set

Source found here

Half Pint Creamer

Source found here

Brooklyn Bridge Stationery Set

Source found here

I owe a lot of updates. Hopefully soon. I'll do another post tonight or tomorrow morning before I go on vacay :) to NEW YORKKKKKKKK!!!! Concrete jungle is where dreams are made of...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Personal Spiel: New Obession

I'm a little late in the game but lately I've been having this crave (if you will) for HOT shoes! I dunno why. In this Style Me Pretty post they featured this beautiful sparkly wedding shoe.

Source here

I thought this got's to be Christian Louboutin. Sure enough....

Source here

Then on Neiman Marcus I found this BEAUTIFUL pair of heels I imaged myself owning someday:

Source here

Please God let me win the Lotto. This (other than a house for my husband and I) would be my ridiculous splurge.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Work: Life's a Witch


Hi everyone. I'm playing catch up with my blog posts. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to post this earlier.

Back in October I mentioned that we were planning a birthday party for myself, Mrs. J, and Mrs. JRose. Well it happened... last November. I didn't have a chance to recap so here we go. The last post we showed teasers of our photoshoot by Kenny Wong (partner of Rich Yee).


He did an excellent job and it was soooo fun! See more here.

And we also showed a bit of our the invites as well. Here are photos of it taken on the day of the event by Rich Yee Photography.


As favors we gave tote we personalized to keep as mementos. For most of the guests this was their first live musical so we wanted them to take home something that remind them of the show, party, and of course something that was reusable. Inside was a bottle of water to drink on the long drive home, a "San Francisco" shirt, and cd of the musical.


Now the details. Oh the details that was put up the night before by Mrs. J and I. I did the graphics, she did the floral arrangements, and we pulled the decorations together. I was up til 6 am and she drove home at 4am to go home that was an hour away. YIKES! It was worth it.





I got this idea from a website to decorate half the room "Wicked" and the other half in honor of the "Good."


The 3 of us got made over by Mrs. JRose and looked fab. Thanks Mrs. JRose!

Oh our party wasn't completed without our intimate party of 8.

Love you ladies. Thanks for being part of our special birthday celebration. Special thanks to Rich Yee Photography and partner Kenny Wong.

Friday, April 9, 2010


edited: 6/29/10

I removed the embed so everyone doesn't wonder where that music is coming from. To view:

Click here to help me reach my goal!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

PSA: I'm walking for HEALTHY BABIES!

Lately I've been obsessed with wanting my own child. I recently found out I have to wait a bit and get healthier. What more of a motivation to get healthy than to do it for a cause you believe in? To my knowledge I haven't walked anything more than 5 miles. I'm so scared. I'm walking for 6.52 miles.... I don't know if I'll make it but hey... It's for a good cause right?

It'll also help me to focus on some good for someone other than myself.I'll be helping moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And it will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

If you want to make a donation, visit my personal Web page at

The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. If you would like to learn more about March for Babies, visit the Web site at

Would you like to see what March for Babies is and why I'm walking?
Click here to see the video.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Checking in

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I've had a flurry of events to help prepare for. Right now I'm still planning a few more parties and getting ready for a big vacation. Oh and on top of that trying to launch some websites.

But I wanted to share a wedding website/blog I found.

I support this program wholeheartly. They reach out to those deserving people to make their dreams come true. Amazing stories of couples they are assisting with their wedding when one of them being terminally ill.

Medical expensives are tough. But when you can be given a break for one of the important day of your lives that's awesome. Kudos Wish Upon a Wedding.

Check it out. Beware tissue box must be present.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Motiviational: Layla Grace

Originally uploaded by Layla_Grace
"Layla went to play with the angels early this morning. Rest in peace precious Layla. 11/26/2007 - 3/9/2010".- Shanna Marsh via twitter

This amazing child has past away today. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. A cancer in children that's still not being acknowledge in the US.

One of my best friends, an amazing person, have brought the story of Layla Grace into our lives. She told me that there's a test that could be taken to pre-diagnosis this disease. It's mandatory in some countries but not here. It's a simple early detection $40 test, so why not make it mandatory on top of the regular check ups.

Our country runs on being reactive vs. preventative. We don't do anything until it hits us hard. The AIDS epidemic, bomb threats, and even the massive Toyota recalls are a few issues that didn’t seem that important until it was on the rise. It's time to make changes. Don't let Layla Grace die in vain. Let her story ( in your life. If you're a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, and/or godparent YOU should read the family’s blog to see how the disease took their little girl and changed their life forever. We’re not invincible, we can go at anytime. But we shouldn’t go without a fight.

Many blessings to the family for publicizing their journey and teaching us all something we didn't know exist. We ofter our condolences to you. Continue to be strong even when you think you can't. Layla lives in all of us now. God has a bigger and better plan for her.

Thank you to the Juni family for their efforts in getting the "word" out through emails, Facebook posting, and Twitter. Please update us on the nationwide candle vigil to raise awareness on neuroblastoma.

More info:

SPREAD THE WORD. Let's use this internet for good.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great Finds: Urban Outfitters' Apartment therapy

I was looking around for design inspiration and stumbled upon Urban Outfitters. I went from looking to their clothes to their apartment accessories. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff. Look at their jewerly holders. I have one already from Etsy so I'm just going to keep drooling over these.

Spirograph Jewelry Stand
Urban Outfitters Apartment- Spirograph Jewelry Stand

Up on a Pedestal Jewelry Stand
Urban Outfitters Apartment-Up on a Pedestal Jewelry Stand

Filigree Jewelry Hook
Urban Outfitters Apartment-Filigree Jewelry Hook

Mini Coat Rack Jewelry Stand
Urban Outfitters Apartment-Mini Coat Rack Jewelry Stand

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Work: Malaya's Cooking Party


While I was doing a mock up of my site through I found some photos I haven't shared. Here's a quicky. A mother decided to throw her daughter a fun hand-ons party. She found this great place that held cooking parties. It's so cute! Mrs. J of An Inspired Event put together the candy buffet. I did the signs and labels. The top sign was the welcome sign.

Here are the arts I created.

layout copy

And then they were cut and displayed like so.


This adorable cake was made by the mom's relative.


And look at my Goddaughter. She looks like a pro!


All images provided by Mrs. J

Cute party Malaya's mom! Happy 9th Birthday Malaya!