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Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

A holiday card design by maritessb; Photo taken by ed pingol photography

Hello out there. I do plan to return to blogging, soon. I do have lots to share, I really do. It just that I've been sick for 2 months so I haven't had the motivation other than trying to figure out what is wrong with me. The reality is... I quit smoking a year ago. I did have 1 more pack (not a whole pack) 6 months ago. Now I'm really feeling the realm of the damages I have done to my lungs. My allergies are heightened, my simple cold feels never ending, and today I finally saw my doc after countless emails to get what I thought I should've gotten in the first place. Blah!

So hopefully *pray to God* I'm good as new in a week. It really sucked to be out of commission for so long. House chores, work efficiency, and socialization had to be sacrificed. I started to lose it a bit at times.

I did manage do some holiday design. The one below is for An Inspired Event's (a coordinating event business) holiday card.



**photos used in front card: row 1, ph 2 ed pingol photography; ph 4&5 rich yee photography. row 2, ph 2 gh kim photography. row 3, ph 1 lex tamayo. row 4, ph 1 ed pingol photography and the rest of an inspired event. card design and illustrations by**

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!! And may the new year bring you and your family brighter and bigger things to look forward to. Talk to you soon.

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