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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My work: My Wedding Monogram

Once a upon a time I got compliments of our wedding monogram. For those who doesn't know the purpose it's basically a logo. The logo either represents the couple, their wedding theme, or usually a collaboration of the couple and theme.

I was reading and I was so proud to see this quote:
“In logo design, a circle is usually used to convey stability and stasis. It’s the reassuring shape that says, “we’re here, we’re settled, we’re steady, you can trust us.” - John McWade.

I like ours alot. I did two color difference. one is the full color and the other is a 1 color for stamps or gocco. "M" represents our married last name. The flower is a silhouette I made tracing an orchid. Then of course our first name below it and the colors represented the two tone of browns we used for our wedding theme. It's simple and easy to replicate big and small. It took me several drafts to get it right but it's worth it.

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