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Monday, June 29, 2009

Motivational Monday: Going for the gold

In the long run men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, though they should fail immediately, they had better aim at something high.

- Henry David Thoreau

If you follow my tweets you would know I got in the Academy of Art’s free workshop program. My July is booked with workshops and school. I have a few events to attend but anymore I have to say no to them. Although I'd love to see my family and friends and have a good time I have to focus on me. I have moved an hour away from the friends and family. It wasn't intentional. This is where my husband and I agreed to live due to his job. I started working here myself and been here for 1.5 year. It was difficult because I was used to stepping out on to my porch and immediately knowing my environment. I knew the temperature well, grew up with my neighbors, and my friends were a 2 to 20 minutes drive. My sister was in the next room and the other sister a 5 min walk. I saw my nieces every other day and my parents everyday. It was a lot of adjustments for me: new job, new city, and new husband. But I got used to it.

This year I’ve decided since my family and friends are an hour away to take advantage of the quiet time and get something accomplished for myself for a change. I’m always helping people. I haven’t done much for myself in a long time. I always joke I’m the soccer mom with no kids. One day I heard myself say it for the 100th time and thought… wow that’s a little sad. Most people without kids took advantage of the time to either throw themselves in work, workouts, or school. And for 1 year I have done none of that. So as of last week I’m in school and I got accepted into the Academy of Art’s free workshop program. I’ll be attacking the gym as well. Socializing will be on the backburner until I can get my act into a routine.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Personal Spiel: Remembrance

Source of image here

Yes we all know the King of Pop has gone. I just wanted to share a few of my memories of his music. My fave station was playing all request of MJ's yesterday afternoon. Made me tear as I recall the memories.

"Rock with You" - I heard this song over and over again as I work on one of my bff's slide show for her boyfriend. I thought what a great song to include for their couple's montage. Fun, light, and it's so them.

"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" - I used to play my 45's as I clean my bedroom for our family party screaming this song. It’s my official song of Christmas.

"You Are Not Alone" - I had a male bff back in high school. This song was dedicated to him. Sooo cheesy but at the time I was sooo in love with him. HA HA HA!

"Living Off the Wall" - I had a phase in life where I hit up a club every week and party until dawn. When a house dj played this song in his mix it was my official going out song.

"Man In the Mirror" - This is the song when I first heard it I was amaze. This is the best song of Michael.

"Billie Jean" - My fave to sing when I was child. I don't know why.

"Thriller" - The video special on MTV... I remember being in a small room with my cousins at my Great Aunt's and Great Uncle's house (both deseased as well) waiting to eat bbq. I didn't know it was a movie special or something and thought this was the longest video in my life. It was all entertaining of course. He he he.

I can go on. His music chronologies with my life. Thank you Michael Jackson. Your talent and gift had made us fall in love, get through heartaches, enjoy life, and appreciate it. May you RIP now.

Have a great weekend everyone. Just because we lost very influential people this month we haven't lost the inspiration they have given the world.

Source of David Carradine's image here, of Ed McMahon's image here, and Farrah Fawcett's image here

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Latest Work: Gift of Time For You

Here's a sample of my latest work. I’ve been helping with business logos. One of my recent client is Elena from Gift of Time. It’s her company where she’ll do various personal assistant tasks to save her clients time. Here is a brief description she gave me to start her design brief:

I will be helping people with things they don't have time to do themselves on an everyday basis: running errands, picking up and dropping off items. While people are away I would walk their dogs, water their plants, house sit, and even wait for PG&E, Fed Ex, etc. I will be helping elderly with items they can't do on their own. Take them to pick up prescriptions, groceries, to and from appointments, helping do things around their house. Pick up and drop off of kids to and from day care, school, after school activities. Pick up and drop off of pets to and from the vet or bathing sessions.

The image above was the first draft I had made. She didn’t set any requirements and/or color. I had total freedom of the design. Here is the finished product she had chosen.

If you're interested in her services let me know. I do know her personally and will send you her way. I strongly recommend her. She very dedicated and will provide great customer service.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Motivational Monday: In spirit of Father's Day (single mother included) and going back to school.

Quote of the week:

The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.

- Aesop

This quote is really for everyone but it's inspired by great dads and single moms (who are both the fathers and mothers to their children). It's also inspired by me because I'm going back to school. Starting today at the community college up my street I am starting off with two classes. And hopefully in a few days I find out if I also made the application for Academy of Art's free summer workshop. Did you hear about it? It's pretty awesome. I maybe hurting my chances by telling a few people about it but apply today.

For more info:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Featured Friday: Fathers and Happy Belated Birthday Mom

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Happy Friday and early Father's Day! I hope you all have something nice to do for dad this weekend. I'm getting him a T-shirt designed by my friend from high school. This is the shirt I'm getting.

Source of image here

Isn't it the perfect father's day gift. I spoke of my friend TonyPSD before, his blog here. I bought one for myself a few weeks back and I'd thought since we're Manny Pacquiao fans (what Filipino isn't) to get him one. Plus the phrase is perfect for my dad too. Yay for dad!

My father's the best because he was the soccer mom growing up. Worked two jobs if need, taught us all to drive, etc. I know I've mentioned what an awesome dad he is in a past post but I just want to restate it.

My mom's cool too. LOL. She recently moved back from the Philippines so it's great to see her close to my nieces. She just had a birthday over a week ago and I made these. It's a little rough since it's my first time. I'll post better photos when I can sit down and sort all my photos. And I have tons of photos to share.

Image taken by my iphone

I'd like to also wish my friends, uncles, grandfathers, funny father-in-law, and brother-in-law a Happy Father's day as well. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by the best dads. They are AWESOME. Take care everyone. Have the best weekend.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Latest Work: Crazy Crafters

Logo created by maritessb

All of my friends loves to crafts. If you have an event and need help all that can be will be there in a jiffy.

Mrs. J, J-rose, and I decided to take what we love to do a step further. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you would know that we were selling leis for graduations. Since high school we've learned to make leis. Anyone can but sometimes you may not have the time and tools and that's where we come in.

Leis are seasonal and occasional to grads and weddings as it offers love and luck. But that is not what we are all about. We sew too. So keep an out for what is next with us on our blog:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Motivational Monday: Biggest Loser Challenge

My bff J Rose came up with a fantastic idea to motivate people in our group to keep active. She and I started brainstorming the rules and regulation. We do a weigh in, then take the initial fee of $20, and attend a weekly challenge where if you won you are waived the weekly $5 fee.

Now after the first weigh we notice a lack of interest in the competition so... We changed up the rules a bit. Weekly challenges turned in to "come if you like just for fun." I didn't attend the first one because of work but I was present for the second one yesterday and it was so fun. We played volleyball, HORSE, and 3 on 3 half court bball. We are off next week for Father's day but I suggested kickball for the following week. It's awesome working out with great friends bringing back the retro P.E. activities. Find your fun in fitness like we did. You'll find it very motivating.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In-Sites # 22: [serendipity]

I'm a horrible blogger. I've been busy I promise. I haven't posted in awhile but will if I want to keep the readers I do have. It's been so insane. I was so sad realizing I haven't been able to read anyone else's blog as well. Blog reading is the best. However with graduations around the corner, wedding in bloom, and everyone's starting their businesses it's been a whirlwind trying to get designs out for those.

Anyways I can go on and I probably will tomorrow. But today I received an email from Silhouette and it directed me to a Kerri Bradford's blog [serendipity]. She's an insanely creative scrapbook diecutter designer... I believe. Not so sure what exactly she does. I have skimmed through her blog and amazed with the stuff in it. There are so much great posts in it. If you're ever looking for inspiration check it out: click here.

My scrapbooking style is creative but minimalist. How cute are these things she came up with.

Source of photo click here

Source of photo click here

Source of photo click here

Source of photo click here

YAY! Tomorrow's Friday.