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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vacation 2009 Day#2

So here goes Day 2
We started the day with a lot of anticipation. You'll see why later.

So we started the day with malasadas at Leonard's.

At first glimpse of this sign sent a glimmer of hope returning back to me. I haven't had malasadas in 2 years!!!!!! Malasadas are known as Portuguese fried pastry that became a Hawaiian past time since the 1800's. Last time I had them was at the Big Island of Hawaii and it was nothing compared to Leonard's dobash (chocolate pudding filled malasadas). We picked some extras for our friends.

It took me 2 months to deny, DENY! I heard several "The Pingols are going to be in Hawaii are you going to take your aftershoot/TTD photos?" My response "oh no...I'm sure they are there to vacation." Or "Weren't you supposed to go in August to Oahu? Why the change of plans?" My response "It's our anniversary." I cannot LIE. Some people are natural at white lies. I on the other hand... can't hide expression, what I'm thinking, etc. So other than celebrating our 1st anniversary... we went to take our wedding aftershoot. There couldn't be a perfect time. It was fate actually. We didn't know what to do for anniversary and couldn't find a local SF area to take those photos. When we saw them twittering about their trip... It was our answer. To us nothing beats Oahu.

Source of image and for more click here

We took them at La'ie Point. A gem in a quiet town that's predominately Mormons. Although it was the first we have heard of this place there seems to be a lot of tourists... I do mean a lot. Try putting a dress on in this public place and a big school bus driving up behind us. One passenger of the bus (a teenage girl) asked her mother if they were here for a wedding...

This amazing point.. was from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". It's the scene where Jason Segel's character's was challenged by his love interest "Quit crying like a baby and jump." She cliff jump into the ocean. He tries to follow after her and ends up dangling in the vines. Yup. The very same spot. So cool. Thanks Ed and Monica!

Then we completed the day with a scenic ride back to Waikiki through North Shore. We saw the jumping rock in Waimea, stopped at Matsumoto's for shaved ice, drove past pineapple Dole plantation, and chased rainbows. What a perfect day.

More photos here

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LotusHaus said...

absolutely gorgeous! you two look so happy and beautiful!