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Monday, April 6, 2009

Personal Spiel: I'm Back!

Vacation was great. Got a chance to read some blogs, books, and do some thinking. Had thoughts about how much my husband and I have accomplished over the first year of marriage and how can we progress foward. We're a family now and I feel I need to pick up more slack. My wonderful husband has been kinda carrying me and so... I want to give back to him. I'm going back to school to get a second degree.

Hopefully during the course of my studies I'll be able to get the courage to make money outside of my job and hopefully... I don't want to say for the sake of jinxing my plan. I'm trying to be realisitic with this economy. I know in order to own your own business you have to invest quite a lot of time and money into it. So I'm reading and studying everything readily available to motivate me to save money and spend wisely.

OOHHHH! Another thought I had share with yah: A Wedding Quilt. A quilt can be an heirloom that tells a story to many generations after you. I know my family doesn't really have anything like that so... I'd thought I'd do one for my future family (maybe if and when we decide to have kids). Look at these awesome examples:

Purlbee's blog article: Molly's Sketchbook: A Wedding Quilt

Source of image here

lululollylegs's blog article: A toast to Lululollylegs!

Source of image here

Curious Bird's blog article: there's a first time for everything

Source of image here

To new beginnings...

1 comment:

Louise said...

Hi thanks so much for the link - that quilt is one of the easiest ever. Isn't that orange quilt stunning. I have been wanting to put together an only orange and white quilt for ages and even got out all my orange fabrics yesterday. You must have read my mind!! I shall add that to my inspiration pile. Good luck with your wedding quilt!