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Monday, April 27, 2009

Motivational Monday: Kids

Whether they are yours, your neice/nephew, godchildren, friends'... if they adore you or look up to you I think it's a great motivation to keep going.

Those two beautiful young ladies are my neices I saw last Saturday. My sister sent the photos to me via twitter.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vacation 2009 Day#2

So here goes Day 2
We started the day with a lot of anticipation. You'll see why later.

So we started the day with malasadas at Leonard's.

At first glimpse of this sign sent a glimmer of hope returning back to me. I haven't had malasadas in 2 years!!!!!! Malasadas are known as Portuguese fried pastry that became a Hawaiian past time since the 1800's. Last time I had them was at the Big Island of Hawaii and it was nothing compared to Leonard's dobash (chocolate pudding filled malasadas). We picked some extras for our friends.

It took me 2 months to deny, DENY! I heard several "The Pingols are going to be in Hawaii are you going to take your aftershoot/TTD photos?" My response "oh no...I'm sure they are there to vacation." Or "Weren't you supposed to go in August to Oahu? Why the change of plans?" My response "It's our anniversary." I cannot LIE. Some people are natural at white lies. I on the other hand... can't hide expression, what I'm thinking, etc. So other than celebrating our 1st anniversary... we went to take our wedding aftershoot. There couldn't be a perfect time. It was fate actually. We didn't know what to do for anniversary and couldn't find a local SF area to take those photos. When we saw them twittering about their trip... It was our answer. To us nothing beats Oahu.

Source of image and for more click here

We took them at La'ie Point. A gem in a quiet town that's predominately Mormons. Although it was the first we have heard of this place there seems to be a lot of tourists... I do mean a lot. Try putting a dress on in this public place and a big school bus driving up behind us. One passenger of the bus (a teenage girl) asked her mother if they were here for a wedding...

This amazing point.. was from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". It's the scene where Jason Segel's character's was challenged by his love interest "Quit crying like a baby and jump." She cliff jump into the ocean. He tries to follow after her and ends up dangling in the vines. Yup. The very same spot. So cool. Thanks Ed and Monica!

Then we completed the day with a scenic ride back to Waikiki through North Shore. We saw the jumping rock in Waimea, stopped at Matsumoto's for shaved ice, drove past pineapple Dole plantation, and chased rainbows. What a perfect day.

More photos here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vacation 2009 #1

I'd thought I share some photos from our vacation with brief editorials on what we did.

As you know in my previous post we started off with an anniversary party at a lounge Mr. Mad dj's at: Azuli in San Mateo. We totally partied like it was 1999 and got home around 1am. Luckily we were packed because we our flight was at 7am. It was another fun filled night and from what I heard the most attendance ever. I would like to say it had to do with my group of friends but in reality there weren’t much of us. LOL. I'd say there were about 20 of us. Check out our guests:

Dj Ren's Debut

My Family

My Girls

My MjC Girls

Source of image here

Day 1
We arrived at Honolulu, Oahu, HI around 11am. We picked up our rental and went straight to our first destination: St. Germain's (the former Dee Lite's Bakery). I got a piece of guava cake. The cake itself was light and fluffy and yummy. The buttercream was really sweet but the guava jam at the top of the buttercream was sooo yummy. Sorry no photo. It was a beautiful pick cake. I heart pink.

Then we said LUNCH time and arrival day always qualifies for ZIPPY's. Zippy's almost like their Denny's but with a fast food ordering system. Looky at our food:

We had a quick stop to Walmart in Waikiki to get our necessities that we didn't care if we left behind (shampoo, soap, etc.), grabbed snacks, and checked out potential souvenirs. I saw some cute FABRICS, my new obsession.

Afterwards we checked in our lovely hotel the Best Western Coconut on Lewer St. Very nicely decor. Comfortable.... small. But just what we needed. You're only in there to sleep. I think it’s sooo cute.

So we settled in, took a nap, then got ready for dinner.

We walked down towards Waikiki Beach. We didn’t go far because partying the night before traveling can be a wear a person down. So we ate the infamous Duke's. I wished I took my camera but we forgot it. It’s a cute bar that has reminisces of Hawaii vintage theme. Here’s a view from someone’s photo:

Source of image here

Mr. Mad had the steak and I had the shrimp scampi. The food was great although I didn’t make it through my entrĂ©e. I totally took advantage of the salad bar. But the nicest thing… we sat right before their beach front seating area. So we got to watch the wind blowing the palm trees in the dark night making the moment surreal. It was 9 pm when we toast to our First Anniversary since in California time it was already midnight (3 hour difference). Right after we walked back to the hotel because we were sleepy… awww. LOL.

More photos click here

More to come tomorrow….

Monday, April 20, 2009

Motivational Monday: My husband and friends

I am very blessed to have a healthy and loving family. Although it wasn't always peachy keen we come out of it strong and with more love for each other. When I can't go to my family I have these secret weapons: my hubbie and friends.

Mr. Mad have been my best friend for 5 years and husband for 1. He has definitely been exposed to my ups and downs and amazingly still here for me. No one in the world could compare to the amazing person he is.

My friends are my sisters from another mother. Yes there are plenty of them... being with them is like being in Jon & Kate plus 8. Everyone has something to bring to the table and no one is short of being a BFF to each other. We are the moral support anyone would be blessed to have.

Why did I choose to write about them? Well lately there's been a few questions about friendships but these are the ones I've never doubted. Although we have our misunderstandings make no mistake, we were destined to be friends and kindred spirit... And oh yah. The amazing Ed Pingol have recently taken our photos. If you haven't wandered over to his blog check out these teasers:

Source and to see more photos click here

Source and to see more photos click here

THANK YOU PINGOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are amazing. Now we might have to schedule family photos. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Please accept my apologizes. I haven't been able to update..because.. I really can't say other than I've been working on something. Monday I'll definitely be able to update. I'm working really hard on it. I can't wait to share.

But today is MR. MAD's birthday. He's 36 years young. I made that sign for fun. Ok I had a lot of time on my hands. LOL. But I hope this encourage him to remember we bought ourselves the Wii so we should start playing it... Anything. Maybe I should get him that game we've been eyeing and playing at my sister's: Rockband!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Motivational Monday

Every so often I'll do a post on motivation. For someone that's trying to express more of her creative side and trying to get it to make a living for herself motivation is all she gots. So my first one came from a book a friend lent me. She bought it from Starbucks. It's called "Where will you be 5 years from today?" by Dan Zadra.

I'm seriously thinking about going to buy this book. It's the common question we get asked at job interviews. I don't remember half the time what my answers were in past interviews but when I started job interviewing….oh so funny. I remember saying "To pay my debts, finish school, have a house, get married, and have a high successful career here at *blank*". Of course now my response pertains more to career goals vs. personal goals. LOL. Oh to be a youth...

Back to the motivation quote from the book "Where will you be 5 years from today?" by Dan Zadra. Page number I’m not sure but it’s on the page where it ask at the top: "What will you do with your talents?"

"Talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back. The things you are naturally good at are your gifts. If singing or dancing or math or music or leadership come easily to you, that's a gift. One of the marks of a gift is to have the courage to fulfill it. If it's easy for you to be a good dancer, or singer, or athlete, why not become a great one?"

There you go. Have a great day everyone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Finds: KEP Design

GOOD FRIDAY!!! Indeed....

KEP Classic:#300-pave - The Lizzie - Tousled Lilly jade

Source of image here

Semi-Precious: #600-Gold Toggle-Peruvian opal ovals

Source of image here

Earrings: Evening Flower Filigree plain

Source of image here

I love the simplicity and elegant design of KEP Design of NY. These would be great for Easter. Darn. Missed the boat. But buy them for next year. I got an email that with the code: EASTER. And 20% will knock off your total. Enjoy this weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Personal Spiel: I'm Back!

Vacation was great. Got a chance to read some blogs, books, and do some thinking. Had thoughts about how much my husband and I have accomplished over the first year of marriage and how can we progress foward. We're a family now and I feel I need to pick up more slack. My wonderful husband has been kinda carrying me and so... I want to give back to him. I'm going back to school to get a second degree.

Hopefully during the course of my studies I'll be able to get the courage to make money outside of my job and hopefully... I don't want to say for the sake of jinxing my plan. I'm trying to be realisitic with this economy. I know in order to own your own business you have to invest quite a lot of time and money into it. So I'm reading and studying everything readily available to motivate me to save money and spend wisely.

OOHHHH! Another thought I had share with yah: A Wedding Quilt. A quilt can be an heirloom that tells a story to many generations after you. I know my family doesn't really have anything like that so... I'd thought I'd do one for my future family (maybe if and when we decide to have kids). Look at these awesome examples:

Purlbee's blog article: Molly's Sketchbook: A Wedding Quilt

Source of image here

lululollylegs's blog article: A toast to Lululollylegs!

Source of image here

Curious Bird's blog article: there's a first time for everything

Source of image here

To new beginnings...