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Friday, February 13, 2009

My work: Vday Cupcakes

I promise. I wanted to share my mini cupcakes I made for my company. They are red (purple more like it) velvet cupcakes. I used a recipe I found online from Magnolia Bakery. You know that bakery SATC had made popular. They are delici(ous).

I made them last night and my friend/coworker Claire ice'd and decorate it. We handed it out to every single employee. My favorite appreciation were from the warehouse employees. They marvelled how cute they were. Mini Cupcake pan is on my list to buy. I borrowed Claire's to make these.

Everyone was shocked how nice it was that we did it. It's been a very rough week for me. My own father is a casuality in this declining economy. I heard rumors everyone was nervous at my current job of being laid off. So I'd thought with the holidays that we would cheer people up. The moral of the company has gone completely down the tube. Though we probably don't have much to spare a little something can go a long way. I'm glad we did it early in the day because we lost about 10 employees today. very sad but ... We need to keep up HOPE everyone.

HAPPY HEART DAY and have a fantabulous weekend!

PS see my new logo... more to come soon.

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