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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Great Finds: Bay Area Proud

Somewhere in the middle of the Super Bowl this commercial aired about signing up to do some volunteer work. I tried to pull up the ad via Google and I didn't realized it aired nationwide. I found a hate forum and it saddens me as it pokes fun of the commercial. Just when I was about to write and talk about how excited I was to sign up for it.

They talk about how obnoxious and cheesy the commercial was. The newscasters represented in it sounds like they were curing cancer. I felt almost a twinge of embarrassment being gung ho about the program.

You know what? Forget it. I am proud. At least I'm not sitting on my touche complaining about commercials all day. It may not be feeding the hunger in Africa but it's what I can do with the time I have and the place I am at. We maybe more privilege here in the Bay Area than anywhere else in the world... but we also live where school are closing. Cities are going bankrupt. Thousands are losing their jobs. Kids are out on the streets dieing at a scary rate.

The commercial may not have a positive effect on everyone... but it did on me. Though my time is very seldom I'm willing to free up to help the future of our community.

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ed pingol said...

I'm so proud of you Tess. Don't listen to the negativos out there. They're poison. Follow what you feel inside of you because nothing else really matters. If this will make you happy, then do it. And don't give it a second thought. =)