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Monday, January 12, 2009

PSA: I've been a bad girl

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So I have a goal the end of the year to swipe my credit cards debts clean. I analyzed and prioritized my payments and stuff... and guess what I did? I'd figure I can do I big purchase because I felt I deserve it. I wanted it for my birthday and Christmas. I did well buying gifts this year and got people I didn't expect to give gifts to. So I somehow convenienced myself I deserved it. My bad conscience won me over. And at home currently this bad baby is in the box in case I decided to return it.

Click on image below to read more about it:


Shell said...

Aw, don't return it. It looks so cool. Why don't you keep it. Make it the last big item you get for the rest of the year.

double-sidedtape said...

I'm so envious of you! But I'm waiting until I can afford this!

Let your eyes be amazed!!!

maritessb said...

i'm keeping it but that kirigami looks sooo cute!