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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Party Reviews: Double J's Bdays


Well it's been a few months since this gathering but I'd thought I share a few photos and my reviews on Kara's Cupcakes, Roux Kitchen, and V-bar on Santana Row of San Jose, CA. Party Reviews are going to be a new blog segment that will be featured when I experiment new restaurants or party venue and give my review. These are strictly my reviews only.


Roux Kitchen
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This place accommodated advance group reservation without any credit card deposit. When we went I was kinda skeptical because the lack of people. But then again it was cold and it was slow practically everywhere. But for a Friday? Has the economy been that bad?

Although our table was ready we opt to wait outside for people. They have very comfy seating area outside with heat lamps. The drinks were good, live music was great, and customer service was very accommodating. I went in after a half an hour when my sister arrived with her children. Since we just walked in with no problem. The very first place I didn't have to wait for a previous party to leave nor they wouldn't hold it if we didn't grab it right away. They also didn't push us out of there which was great. We took our time. The only complaint I have was the music. It was so loud it was hard to hear. But it was practically in front of our face so how can they turn it down. Food was great but pricey. 4 stars.

Kara's Cupcake
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I heart Kara's Cupcake. Granted some of them are too sweet but the mini cupcakes were perfect for this event. It was just enough sweet to curb sweet tooth and not feel like you weigh 10 lbs after dinner. My fave is the Fleur de sel. My not so fave is any of their vanilla. The cake part is good because of the texture. However the vanilla flavor is way too strong for me. Twinkies are better flavored. 4 stars.

V Bar at Hotel Valencia
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Again I don't know if it wasn't that much people out but we manage to find an available seating in their center sofa lounge area. Drinks were a bit more than I'm used to but the service was great and we had a comfortable searting area. They had a variety of mojito and martini flavor drinks which I love. 4 stars.

So generally every place we used that night were good... just 1 or 2 minor setbacks. But to be experienced by all.

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