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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In-Sites # 18: Spoonflower

Source of image here

Did you know you can print your own pattern at $18/per yard? Spoonflower can provided this service. Their site is I'm planning to do a few because I've taken up sewing and have been obsessed with patterns. I must say doing a seamless pattern takes a bit of a work. Anyone has any suggestions on how to go about doing them? It takes me about an hour to get it right. Maybe I should do a search on

Anyways I haven't used Spoonflower yet but I am registered on it. I'll try it out before printing a very important quilt. I wish I can show you the design of it but it's a surprise. I'm waiting on a few more contributors for their little autograph to put on it. AHEM!!!!!!!

For the mean time here a few patterns I've done. I wanted to do one for girls and one for boys. The girl one is taken from my laundry basket. LOL. The boy one I wanted to do a western icon. So I did a cart wheel.

pattern copy

These would work perfectly for some crayon rolls I plan to make.

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Shell said...

I like your patterns. That is exciting to see your own patterns on prints.