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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In-sites #16: Stinkerpants Designs

Stinkerpant Design
is a name of a company owned by an acquaintance of mines. I met her through as well as a lot of amazing ladies. I was in the middle of my planning when she entered the board. I have to say her planning was by far one of the most organized, original, and best outcome.

You can read about her wedding here and see her beautiful results.

She is not only an inspiring bride but an amazing illustrator. Look at a few of the work she has done for her clients:

From Scratch line (customized illustrations) :

Source of image here

Half Bake line (ready-made design you can personalize):

Source of image here

Scrumptious cards (greeting cards ready to be shipped):

Source of image here

The reason I'm giving her a mention...Well she's doing a special until the end of the month:

Source of image here

It's like the Ikea commercial "START THE CAR!!!!!!!!!" You know when the woman thinks the cashier made a mistake and before they can catch her she's yelling at her husband to "START THE CAR!!!!" It is that crazy good.

To see more work of her visit her site:

Or blog: