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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Personal Spiel: Election Recap

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Hello everyone. Votes are in and election is over. I suffered extreme high's and low's of the end results. The biggest HIGH...Congrats Americans! You have received your first ever African-American president and 1st lady. After 8 years we are finally going to get the change we've all been waiting for. I know we have to wait a little longer for the transition but I can only think positive thoughts. The globe all around is celebrating because not only we have been suffering from this massive turn in the economy but the countries we've done business with as well.

On the other hand the sadness of Prop 8 in California has affected me greatly. What people have forgotten at the voting pool is that we are all individuals. The best part of living in this country is that we have the right to choose our own PREFERENCE. Couldn't we put our differences aside and support our fellow AMERICANS and not against? How could we deny our other citizens their rights? We can support guns that kill millions each day but we can't support the love between TWO PEOPLE that serves no harm?

I feel like even if you aren't gay or don't believe in gay marriages you've robbed California. The money California could've made by gay marriages filing joint taxes. You know how much more money it can provide your CHILDREN'S school?!?! How much money would be spent in the wedding industry? You just blew away MILLIONS of dollar California needed. What a disappointment! And to watch the news this morning with this quote saying that this is the second time Californians has spoken and for those opposes need to leave the subject alone. I say heck no. I'm will to stand by all the supporters and see what we can do to legalize gay marriages.

For those claiming it has to do with religion... I'm religious and I remember God telling me to love all people as though they are my neighbors. I have no right to judge people, but to leave that up to God.

Sorry to bring the damper in the day with election and religious talk. I just wanted to vent my personal thoughts. Tomorrow we'll be back to happy and pretty things. I promise.


Shell said...

I agree with you. One of my good buddies is upset about Prop8 not passing. I feel people should be able to love and marry who they want to. I never thought about the money that would come in from making it legal. A good point.

habitual said...

So true.... it's sickening that over $74 million dollars has been spent to write discrimination into our history. Discrimination based on hate and fear. Discrimination that will not stand the test of time and history.

If people had donated to education, or children, or women - or really any caused that helped people and made us a greater coutnry, wouldn't that be nice? I think anyone that supported this proposition should be ashamed of themselves. Our country offers freedom OF religion and freedom FROM religion.

Let's continue to fight across the nation! The divorce rate in MA before gay marriage was the lowest in the nation, and the divorce rate after gay marriage has not changed. We must believe in supporting all marriage committments!

maritessb said...

Thank you ladies for your thoughtful replies. I agree we can't stop the fight!

ed pingol said...

i agree with you wholeheartedly, tess! celebrating with you and also very disappointed about prop 8 passing.