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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My work: Baby T's Shower

Invitation idea and design by myself

Hi ya'll. As we patiently wait for our day with the turkey-meister I'd thought I show you photos from the last party I helped coordinate. My vision was a colorful, fall-ish bird theme. I had several people assisting me with this shower. Thank goodness... less stress. I'm so glad these ladies helped me because I would've been on the details like white on rice.

The sisters of the baby coming into the world helped to paint some of the decor. My friend Lily helped to set up the food and some of the centerpiece ideas. Kare was the photographer (although I'm featuring my own photos). She set up this great background frame for our "photobooth" and picked cute fabric. It was intentionally to provide different background accordingly to what people wanted but we kept it with 3 showing. Claire set up the games and I did decoration. Although it was my idea to make these birds I didn't hand make all them. Some of us had real nice jobs that let us do it during company time. I didn't have the luxury.

Enjoy the photos!

Our Bird Theme

Felt birds made by Lily, painted items by baby's siblings, and signage by me
The bird pattern we got from a post on Design Sponge. CLICK HERE for the post.

Baby Sign

Baby has no name yet. In fact we don't know what baby's gender. He/She did a bunch of aerobics during the sonogram in order for he/she to conceal his/her-well you know. I quickly made this sign practically freehand cutting (no template) the fabrics because it was a last minute idea. So we safety pinned them on so the mom (hostess) is free to do whatever she wants on the onesee.

Birds and Cupcake

We're soo proud of these birds that they were everywhere! And the cupcakes instead of cake looks so beautiful on these tiers. We also had a chocolate fountain that was a hit. I think some people put the cupcake under the chocolate fountain. WOW! I wished I got a photo of that.

Makeshift Photobooth

This the wonder makeshift photobooth. I really thought Kare was going to get fabric and pin it to the wall. She went beyond my expectation. It turned out great. The signage again was me. If you see... I took thin balsa wood and cut them into something that would fit the 5.5x5.5" paper. Traced an outline of the font I wanted. Then take a wood burner and made simple strokes to burn the letters on the balsa.

Too Much Fun

We're doing a quilt guestbook. I had people write with a sharpe on a plain white cardstock. When you scan the image it'll be nice and crisp when you select the writing and transfer onto the quilt design. I'm using the idea of a cheater quilt from the Spoonflower blog. So I'm going to have the fabric printed with the messages. The second picture... my friend was imitating Carrie's hair piece in the "Sex and the City" movie. She called it "couture".

Have a good week everyone! Happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to be thankful. I'm thankful for my life, my love ones, and loyal readers! Enjoy your time off and/or shopping. I know I will. I'll write again by Monday. I want to recoup from this bad cold of mines. Ingat! Or in english take care everyone!

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