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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Recap #1: Tribu Grill with the Family

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Hi Everyone! I'm feeling a little better. I'm not going to write much. Just put up photos and brief on my Birthday week. I wanted to recap because how does one who likes to throw parties celebrate her birthday actually does her own party? I love parties... and everyone around my circle knows they have to bring it. Get ready to be salavating the next few days. Because I love to eat. My birthday this year is no exception. It was actually the last week I was able to eat really, really well.

So the Wednesday before my birthday (the 22nd of October) my husband and I hosted family dinner with my immediate family and in-laws. I only had my iPhone that day and these were the best photos.

Niece Abby

Niece/Goddaughter Ally

These were my favorite dishes from our picks. I wished is that I took pictures of our food as well:

Bagoong Rice Fried rice with beef stir-fry in BAGOONG (fish paste from the Philippines) and topped with mango, tomatoes, and scrambled eggs.

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Ginataang Kalabasa at Sitaw Stew in coconut milk with squash, pork, shrimp, and other veggies

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I had fun although it was a quick dinner. I'm glad my family members came all the way from San Jose to celebrate my birthday. My nieces are adorable as always. Thanks to my in-laws for joining us and letting me pick the place to eat. My husband for treating us all.

This is a great place for tasty Filipino food. And I love that it's a small, nicely decor place. Not to knock the mom's and pop's we typically go to in the SF Bay but it's nice every now and then to go to a place that's actually contemporary. I suggest going in the middle of the week vs the weekend at night. Parking is limited. But the Bagoong Rice alone is worth it.

Here is their menu:

Their site for more info:

And here is their yelp reviews: click here

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