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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My work: Baby T's Shower

Invitation idea and design by myself

Hi ya'll. As we patiently wait for our day with the turkey-meister I'd thought I show you photos from the last party I helped coordinate. My vision was a colorful, fall-ish bird theme. I had several people assisting me with this shower. Thank goodness... less stress. I'm so glad these ladies helped me because I would've been on the details like white on rice.

The sisters of the baby coming into the world helped to paint some of the decor. My friend Lily helped to set up the food and some of the centerpiece ideas. Kare was the photographer (although I'm featuring my own photos). She set up this great background frame for our "photobooth" and picked cute fabric. It was intentionally to provide different background accordingly to what people wanted but we kept it with 3 showing. Claire set up the games and I did decoration. Although it was my idea to make these birds I didn't hand make all them. Some of us had real nice jobs that let us do it during company time. I didn't have the luxury.

Enjoy the photos!

Our Bird Theme

Felt birds made by Lily, painted items by baby's siblings, and signage by me
The bird pattern we got from a post on Design Sponge. CLICK HERE for the post.

Baby Sign

Baby has no name yet. In fact we don't know what baby's gender. He/She did a bunch of aerobics during the sonogram in order for he/she to conceal his/her-well you know. I quickly made this sign practically freehand cutting (no template) the fabrics because it was a last minute idea. So we safety pinned them on so the mom (hostess) is free to do whatever she wants on the onesee.

Birds and Cupcake

We're soo proud of these birds that they were everywhere! And the cupcakes instead of cake looks so beautiful on these tiers. We also had a chocolate fountain that was a hit. I think some people put the cupcake under the chocolate fountain. WOW! I wished I got a photo of that.

Makeshift Photobooth

This the wonder makeshift photobooth. I really thought Kare was going to get fabric and pin it to the wall. She went beyond my expectation. It turned out great. The signage again was me. If you see... I took thin balsa wood and cut them into something that would fit the 5.5x5.5" paper. Traced an outline of the font I wanted. Then take a wood burner and made simple strokes to burn the letters on the balsa.

Too Much Fun

We're doing a quilt guestbook. I had people write with a sharpe on a plain white cardstock. When you scan the image it'll be nice and crisp when you select the writing and transfer onto the quilt design. I'm using the idea of a cheater quilt from the Spoonflower blog. So I'm going to have the fabric printed with the messages. The second picture... my friend was imitating Carrie's hair piece in the "Sex and the City" movie. She called it "couture".

Have a good week everyone! Happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to be thankful. I'm thankful for my life, my love ones, and loyal readers! Enjoy your time off and/or shopping. I know I will. I'll write again by Monday. I want to recoup from this bad cold of mines. Ingat! Or in english take care everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Personal Spiel: Happy Monday

It's a SHORT WEEK! SIGH!!!!! I can really really use it. I was able to sleep soundly for the first time yesterday. I think the walking and Theraflu did the trick. I can't to sleep again tonight.

I went to my first Paper Source workshop. I have to show you my results. I'm ask Mrs. J to take photos of hers too so we can properly review the workshop for those who are curious. We had a great time to sum it up.

Berkely is like the mecca for all independent crafter. It's not cheap but it's fun! The shops have so many cute stuff and the staff at the places we went to are so happy and helpful. I'm in love with Berkely!

And I have a few things lined up to blog but can't today. Here's a sneak of what to come this week.

Taken by me for a friend's baby shower I helped co-coordinate.

Friday, November 21, 2008

In-sites #12: VintageGlam the Blog

VintageGlam Blog

Vintage has always been a trend that was understated until now. I love how that era has been brought back to life by passionate people. They beautifully incorporate the vintage flair into their modern weddings. When you mix vintage with glam... Amanda knows all about that.

On The Knot... I seldom wander out of my local talk board onto any other. The 2nd most visited forum for me is my month board: Mar-08. It was then and there I met username: 99vintageglam the alias of Amanda.

Amanda has been recognized throughout most of the bridal blogs and site as the most creative and detailed bride that rocked the Vintage Glam theme. And after being married she launched her very informative blog:

Check out these post from her blog:

Blog post and Image source:Freebie Fridays: Printable V-mail Stationery

Blog post and Image source:Rococo Photo Frames

Blog post and Image source: bling love

Amanda has amazing taste. You can see it in her planning and projection of her wedding. Take a look of her fabulous and famous planning and wedding bio on The Knot.

Planning bio click here.

Wedding bio click here.

Get your wedding vintage fix on her blog. She's very inspiring.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Personal Spiel: Recouping today

Had fun at the Slanted Comedy show last night in San Jose's Improv. I was a little starstruck to be face to face with some of reality show contestants. More on that later.

Have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Work: Birthday Recap #5 Finale

Alejandra's Baptism

Hi Everyone! This is the last of my birthday extravaganza report. Booo! Why can't it be a year long celebration? Movin’ on… I helped my sister coordinate her daughter's baptismal. I only did decorations, invitations, and favors. This was a little low budget unfortunately, but I tried my best. I wanted to provide my newest goddaughter a baptismal she can always look back on.

Decoration: I used the invitations you saw before as an inspiration. If you miss it click here. I aimed for a simple semi-vintage cherry blossom theme. I bought pink paper lanterns and pink vellum covered tea light holder. I created a template of the same cherry blossom design I used on the invitation. We used the template to cut out the flowers from felt fabric and stringed them onto the paper lantern.

Here's a close-up

Favors: For the adults we went with the mini candy jars. I filled them up with seasonal M&M's that were pink for the breast cancer awareness month. I made the labels myself with the same font and cherry blossom design as the invitation. I bought my labels from

Now for the children's favor I got them coloring books, crayons, and... crayon rolls. Crayon rolls were inspired from the blog: Skip to my Lou I wasn't sure if I was going to have time and.. I didn't. The J's had to come to my rescue. Thank you a million times. This is the tutorial: click here. Mr. J did about 15 of these in like 3 hours or less. Look how they came out in the photo below.


Venue location: One of the best parts of the party was that the reception venue was free. Public parks are the best resource and the one we chose was popular. The only thing is getting the prime spot. My brother-in-law (co-host of the party) woke up at 3:30 a.m. to reserve the park at 4 a.m. What a dad! Another great thing about the park is that we didn't have to think of activities for the kiddies. They just played all day long in the playground that conveniently sits next to the picnic area. I forgot a piƱata so my brother-in-law's brother threw coins and the little ones grab them up. I bought a few bubbles for any of those that couldn't play in the playground all that much. And a unique thing we had the kids had to do the guestbook with their handprint. An idea from Mrs. J.

Here are tips for handprint guestbook:
-make sure you have wipes and paper towel on hands (to wet hands and then dry them)

-make sure you get the right paint for the paper you use (our finger painting paint didn't sit well with canvas, should've gotten regular kids paint instead)

-have a marker so the parents can write their names next to the handprint (optional)


Ally's praying in this photo and saying "Bless you for all those who helped and came by!"

All photos were courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Mad.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss J (Opps Mrs J)

I wanna wish Mrs. J a happy birthday. Here she is with her husband holding their daughter. She's my partner in crime when it comes to party. Happy birthday Miss J, my #1 fan (he he he). Love yah! I hope you have the serene and relaxing birthday you deserve.

Here are our photos from the NKOTB concert this year.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Great Finds: Nimli

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. This is a short and sweet post. So let me introduce to you Nimli. This is a store that carries adorably chic,eco-friendly,and beautiful products. It's a great place to look for gifts. I personally had used this site for my own wedding shopping. I have to say they were one of the easiest and quickest to order from. Here are a few of my favorites things.

Baby greens Surya Onesie
Source of image here

EcoSkin Lodestone Dress
Source of image here

Sameunderneath Peacoat
Source of image here

Nashelle Designs Vignette Small Lotus Necklace
Source of image here

Sarah Donegan Tulip Bag
Source of image here

JaK Random Art August Fields Recycled Vinyl Cuff
Source of image here

Happy Shopping. I will be posting the finale of my birthday recap tomorrow. I just went over them over the weekend. It's overwhelming over 400 photos I had to go through.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Recap #4: M&S Wedding

Source of image here
Reception: The Ranch Golf Club, San Jose, CA

After a wild night with the girls the next day was sooo hard to get through. I woke up early because I wanted to finish a project for a baptism the next day. I wanted to finish it so I can catch a wedding my husband was djing. I completely adore the couple and have been watching the bride's planning since she practically started. She made a visit with two other friends to mines. So I definitely wanted to see hers.

M & S reception venue is beautiful as it sits on the perch of a hill. It's in a brand new neighborhood on a country golf club. It's a perfect place to have a wedding reception. I felt overwhelmed with awe-ness(I know it's not a real word) as I walk up to and through the doors. Almost immediately I saw the girls I've met on, my own wedding vendors, and husband with his partner. I felt like it's a reunion of my wedding planning. The bride hired the right people to capture the day perfectly and invited the funnest guests around.

The details of this wedding was sooo beautiful. M & S did a fabulous job on the planning. Enjoy these photos from Ed Pingol. The rest of the teasers are here.

Cake: Jen's Cakes

Coordinator: Lisa Blake @ Bellisima Vita

Flowers: Leanne Law @ CallaLily

DJ: Edwin Madrinan @ Live Rhythm Productions

Videographer: C3 Videography
Photobooth: Instant Photography
Hair: Isabel Nuno
Makeup: Roanne Zaragoza

All photos are provided by Ed Pingol Photography. Source here: San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: marion & scott's wedding - holy spirit - fremont, ca - the ranch golf club - san jose, ca

Ed Pingol's website here:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday Recap #3: Palo Alto

Source of image here

And for the 2nd post of the day...I bring you the 3rd celebration of my birthday. I had it with my closest girlfriends the day after my birthday. I missed getting ready to go out and having a great time with just "the girls". So we did a "Girls Night Out" gathering. We chose a city that would be convenient for everyone: Palo Alto. Palo Alto is a great city to go to. Downtown is a good mix between vintage and modern dining. We ate at Nola's which is a replica of New Orlean's Bourbon Street with Southwestern, Cajun food. A lot of food I'm not allowed to eat but it's soooo good. Their specialty drinks are unique as the place. It was there and then I fell in love with the raspberry mojito.

Me and my yummy raspberry mojito

I have to say.. .I felt like I was in Mardi Gra. Seriously. If anyone is looking locally in the SF area to have a bachelorette party this is a great restaurant to go to. I was mortified as though it was my bachelorette party all over again. I drank way too much, the waiters made fun of me by providing this embarrassing birthday sundae, and I drank way too much. Oh yah.. I said that already. I'm going to warn you.... These photos aren't for the faint of heart. It's quite raunchy for a craft/party blog.

These two ladies are responsible for this event. Two of my bestest ever.

J &...


These are my lovely guests:

my_pix_136 my_pix_150




Oh Gee...Never fall asleep first in an all girl's outing..

My designated driver and oldest friend Mel

My embarrasing shot with no hands moment

My friend Sha ended up showing me how it was done

Excuse me sir what is this?

Ohhhh.. I get it

Yea we don't want to show what happened next to that sundae. But I do have ONE ADVICE when doing a group thing at Nola's: MAKE SURE YOUR GUEST ARRIVE EARLY. This was a big problem because we had lost our first table. We had to wait an extra hour for another one to open up.

Afterwards we headed to Blue Chalk that was about a block away. It's a cafe turned night club that have... you guessed it.. pool tables. We didn't play although that would've been fun. We opt to dance off the food and alcohol... with of course replacing the alcohol I had lost. To this day my husband can't let me live down the conversations I was having with him when I got home that night. All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not 21 but a more sober 31.

To learn more about Nola's:
And for Blue Chalk:

All photos are courtesy of my paparazzi friend Mary C. Thanks!

Next recap will briefly talked about a wedding I popped my head in and then the finale of my birthday weekend, my niece's baptismal.

PSA: Thread Show in SF

Source of image here

Hey Bay Area fashionista's. This information was provide to me by Daily Candy's weekend guide. San Francisco's Galleria is the venue of "Thread Show" this Sunday at noon. Thread Show is where you can view and pick up independent designer's work before they head into a store. It's a great opportunity to see the trend and be one up on your neighbor that's still rocking the acid jeans and leg warmers since Flash Dance.

To learn more about Thread Shows go to their site:

You can buy tickets to the event here: click on me

To see other events happening around San Francisco every weekend subscribe through Daily Candy here: Daily Candy's weekend guide