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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Wedding DIY: The Save the Dates part 2, The Acessories

Hi folks. We're continuing our STD journey. Not the virus, Save-The-Date cards. Sorry it was on hold for awhile. I got side tracked.

We are doing this in 3 segments (maybe even more):
1. The card is completed but still no really photos.
2. The accessories -what we are doing today
3. The package - coming soon

So there are two things I included in our STD. Here they are:

The Magnet (to stick on the fridge):

The inspiration
I didn't really have one.

The actual

Instructions on the magnet:
1. Create the design of the magnet
a. Start by picking a site you want to buy the magnet from. I used Vista Print because it was cheap and quick
b. Determine the size of the magnet you are going to create
c. Chose a software to create your design. Recommendation: Photoshop
d. Create and organize your layout based on the size of the magnet
i. I wanted a photo of us so I took a photo from our vacation that my sister took as the background
-In order to get the overlay and translucent look I used the feature layer palette in Photoshop. Here's an image showing the blending feature and opacity

ii. I included a calendar to reflect the month of the wedding
ii. Fonts-recommendation.. if you're unsure of your font or design of your invitation- keep it simple (which I obviously didn't)
e. Save design

2. Upload onto the site you are going to purchase your custom magnet

The Stickers (to mark your calendars):
The inspiration

The actual

Instructions on the stickers:
1. Create or buy an image of your monogram (that was mines at the time)
2. Find a aite to upload the image and buy the stickers. I used Costco's photo center when they had the Martha Stewart photo stickers that's now on Kodak Gallery.
ii. My mistake in ordering those stickers were that I didn't consider the size. I thought it'll be fine it's 2"-it can't be that big. It was too huge for calendars. My recommendation.. print it your self using 1" labels like from Online Labels. Their glossy inkjet is fabulous.

*SIGH* almost done with this DIY. Finally.

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