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Monday, October 27, 2008

In-sites #10: Habituals

Happy Monday my fellow readers. O-M-G! I had the roughest, most active, craziest birthday week. It was fun and all worth it.. but my body is still recovering. I'll show recap soon of everything. It'll go over how the baptism turned out, how the birthday dinner my BFF's threw was successful, and the intimate dinner with the families (in-laws and immediate). My diet the week before went out the window. I was surrounded by the best food! Thank you all for attending any of these events. It made my turning older enjoyable and truly a blessing beyond words.

Ok now back to business. Habituals. I found this site cruising through Craftzine. Remember I blogged about it some time before?

Well... I fell in love with these images
(photos were granted ok to use by owner-they are copyright and owned by afinlarc [at] yahoo)

Want to know how to create them... she has a free pattern on her blog. Check it out here: Habituals.


Shell said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!

habitual said...

Enjoy the pattern! More are forthcoming!!! :)

I hope you recover from your birthday week - all birthdays should last a week!