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Thursday, October 9, 2008

In-Sites # 9: Design Sponge

Sorry I'm not blogging as frequently as usual. I'll probably be cutting down the blogging time since this month leading into next month is crazy! This week alone I'm designing 3 invitations. I did get one out earlier in the week and two are pending. I do need to finish 1 by the weekend.

Never fear my schedule maybe busy I do have a blogging schedule I'm going to work to keep consistent. It'll be every other day. Yes I'll attempt to blog on the weekends. So keep an eye out for that.

Today's post will feature Design Sponge. When I started to read blogs this is one of the first on my "my yahoo" page. They write about design. It maybe graphic, interior, or fashion. They primarily do interior design but I love how they have it all tied into all aspects. Every Wednesday is my favorite because they do DIY Wednesday publication. Oh hello! They speak my language. Here are some of my favorite posts(click on the title for the source of the posts and images):

rough wood

diy project: handcut felt mural

diy idea: bird mobile

before and after: summer’s chair

before and after: elizabeth’s telephone table

Thank you Design Sponge for being a big inspiration to all designers everywhere.


ed pingol said...

cool find! love those wood vases!

Shell said...

Thanks for sharing this cool blog. Glad your busy working creatively.