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Friday, October 31, 2008


I promise to start posting the photos from the events from October soon.

Here's a sneak of my costume:

And I couldn't find any of my silk flowers and so I had to make one up:


Would you believe me if I said it was made out of jersey knit swatches and a paperclip.

This is how I did it:

1. 2 pieces of fabric
2. thin paperclip
3. bobby pins
4. fake greens if available

1. I just took 2 small pieces (one bigger than the other) and fold in the corner behind each of the pieces.
2. The paper clip and unwind but leave the inner hook as it
3. Pinch the inner hook to make it a smaller hook so when you bunch up the flower you can barely see it
4. Lay the small piece of fabric on top of the bigger one and poke the unwinded portion of the paper clip into the center
-Depending on the fabric you want to poke through each layer of the fabric one at a time
5. Wrap the paper clip at the base of the flower so it bunches up
6. Pin to hair with bobby pin

Quick and easy. A little ghetto but hey it’s Halloween already and also the recession. We need to learn to be a little more resourceful.

I hope all you have a fun and safe Halloween. Have a great weekend! I'll try to post Sunday.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Wedding DIY: The Save the Dates part 2, The Acessories

Hi folks. We're continuing our STD journey. Not the virus, Save-The-Date cards. Sorry it was on hold for awhile. I got side tracked.

We are doing this in 3 segments (maybe even more):
1. The card is completed but still no really photos.
2. The accessories -what we are doing today
3. The package - coming soon

So there are two things I included in our STD. Here they are:

The Magnet (to stick on the fridge):

The inspiration
I didn't really have one.

The actual

Instructions on the magnet:
1. Create the design of the magnet
a. Start by picking a site you want to buy the magnet from. I used Vista Print because it was cheap and quick
b. Determine the size of the magnet you are going to create
c. Chose a software to create your design. Recommendation: Photoshop
d. Create and organize your layout based on the size of the magnet
i. I wanted a photo of us so I took a photo from our vacation that my sister took as the background
-In order to get the overlay and translucent look I used the feature layer palette in Photoshop. Here's an image showing the blending feature and opacity

ii. I included a calendar to reflect the month of the wedding
ii. Fonts-recommendation.. if you're unsure of your font or design of your invitation- keep it simple (which I obviously didn't)
e. Save design

2. Upload onto the site you are going to purchase your custom magnet

The Stickers (to mark your calendars):
The inspiration

The actual

Instructions on the stickers:
1. Create or buy an image of your monogram (that was mines at the time)
2. Find a aite to upload the image and buy the stickers. I used Costco's photo center when they had the Martha Stewart photo stickers that's now on Kodak Gallery.
ii. My mistake in ordering those stickers were that I didn't consider the size. I thought it'll be fine it's 2"-it can't be that big. It was too huge for calendars. My recommendation.. print it your self using 1" labels like from Online Labels. Their glossy inkjet is fabulous.

*SIGH* almost done with this DIY. Finally.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Personal Spiel: O-M-G

This was made by my design department here at work... Um.. great! Do you see me? We threw the party last year. I couldn't come up with an original costume other than being Nelly. LOL. It was inspired by Nelly's "Pimp Juice" he sent my boss.

This year we suffered a great deal of losses as far employees in our department. So we've been kinda out of Halloween loop. But now receiving this flyer we have to live up to our Halloween spirit. Thanks... now what is a girl to be for Halloween?

Monday, October 27, 2008

In-sites #10: Habituals

Happy Monday my fellow readers. O-M-G! I had the roughest, most active, craziest birthday week. It was fun and all worth it.. but my body is still recovering. I'll show recap soon of everything. It'll go over how the baptism turned out, how the birthday dinner my BFF's threw was successful, and the intimate dinner with the families (in-laws and immediate). My diet the week before went out the window. I was surrounded by the best food! Thank you all for attending any of these events. It made my turning older enjoyable and truly a blessing beyond words.

Ok now back to business. Habituals. I found this site cruising through Craftzine. Remember I blogged about it some time before?

Well... I fell in love with these images
(photos were granted ok to use by owner-they are copyright and owned by afinlarc [at] yahoo)

Want to know how to create them... she has a free pattern on her blog. Check it out here: Habituals.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

PSA: You Bazaar Bizarre SF

image source from: here and here

Today is my day! Happy birthday to me!

What I really wanted to write is to announce that Bazaar Bazarre SF (November 30th, 2008) is doing a kick off faire with the the YOU Bazaar Bizarre (November 2nd). It starts at 10am. Are you going to be there?

Check it out:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Great Finds: My birthday wishes

I know all of you have been wondering and it seems this year my list is bigger than ever. Now.. if you can't afford it.. I'm sure there's a few other people that doesn't mind pitching in.

HA ha ha ha ha! Sorry.. I woke up but here are my list:

A colored laser printer: Samsung CLP-300N Laser Printer

A bunch of footers for my new sewing machine: Kenmore Hemmer Foot Set (4mm, 6mm) for Horizontal Sewing Machines

Kenmore Open-Toe Walking Foot with Quilter Bar for Embroidery/Sewing Machines

Kenmore Ruffler for Vertical and Horizontal Sewing Machines

For my table I'm slowly converting into my craft station: ANTONIUS drawer frame

with the drawers:


BILLY Wall shelf

And although I have a new sewing machine... I soo want this (thanks J):

Singer Pixie Plus Mini Sewing and Crafting Machine

Don't be overwhemled by this list. I think some places have lay aways. :D. Naw my one and only wish everyone's happy and healthy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Personal Spiel: Busy Busy Busy

Sooo busy. No time to post right now. But I wanted to show off....

One of the million things I did this past weekend. Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Work: Cherry Blossom Bapistmal

First off as for favors I went with:

Cherry Blossom Candy Jars from Wedding Things

AS my inspiration only. I'm going to make my own label with the ones I've used for the stationary. I walked into Party City and found them but slightly smaller. A dozen for only 10.00. My friend J and I were supposed to use them for another party but they ran out. I checked with the store clerk because they only had 2 dozen and they should be stocked by today. If anyone in the metro area please let me know if you find these. I need 2 more dozen to be ok. I think 24 will get by but just barely. Thanks!

Here's a preview of the invites I've sent out. I did two slightly different version because I ran out of pocket folders and I was desperate. I went to Paper Source and I bought the folded card by accident! BOOO!!

Ok here's the cover:
All my cover options flopped. But I decided to keep it plain and simple letting the design inside pop by itself.

The inside:

The inserts:

The inserts held by brads:

The second version is just a diagonal pocketfold on the right side. And the main invite had a brown cardstock backing. I thought they look good and they are my own design. Cherry blossoms are hard to make your own because there's soooo many variations of it. Thanks for following me on this quest to complete the vision. My friend J has been helping me put all the logistics together. Thank goodness I was falling apart here trying to finish up the remaining invitations. More work to view soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Personal Spiel: My Birthday Month

I'm big birthday person. I love celebrating my birthday. It is usually a busy month for me. A few years back we used to say in my circle of friends that your birthday is all month. And everything you do in that month is because of your birthday. This year started with NKOTB last Friday. Like I said in my previous post they were AWESOME. The best concert I've ever went to. ROW 22 Seat 3... paid more than usual but it's ok. IT WAS SOOO WORTH it to see my 2nd love of my life JOEY MCINTYRE. SIGH! I went with some of my besties Jrose, J, and Lil. I think J and I were the ones that screamed liked 13 yrs old. Here are a few photos from that night:

HP Pavilion

Oh hello

The teenager screamers

And our paparazzi's

Starting of the show

Omg I can't believe we can see them in the flesh


That's my Joey


I have videos too but all you can here is me screaming and shaking the camera. I'm working on editing some of these photos but the rest can be found here. And that's just the beginning of my celebration. We will continue the celebration the next couple of weeks. I don't get to breathe until after the 10th next month.

I have to say... turning 30 last year was hard for some reason. Well it doesn't help I was dog sick for my engagement session and I had a million things to do for the wedding. This year.. I'm taking my birthday a little easier. I feel very blessed at this point. My family is all healthy. I have a loving husband. My friends are still there for me. I've accomplished a lot this year. I haven't been to the Philippines in over 20 years and I went last June. There I got to see my Grandpa the first time in 5 years. Which was a big thing for me. Then visited the graves of my grandparents that past. I struggled to pay for that ticket to the Philippines.. but it was worth it. I saw NKOTB for the first time in 15 years. I have gained a new niece, friends announced pregnancies, and added few more godchildren (I have 12--- do I really need kids of my own?). I'm happily married and still finding my way to my passion in life.

Although I've been one big stressball lately... those are things I have to remind myself why what worries me aren't that big of a deal. Look at things I need to be thankful everyday. I'm happy to be alive and to living my life. And I have the big man up above to thank for that. So Happy Maritess Month everyone!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Personal Spiel: Cute and Functional Favors

Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'm actually recouping from my NKOTB concert last Friday. I was sick at the concert. It almost got the best of me... but it didn't. Thank goodness because we had AWESOME SEATS. I love New Kids on the Block and I'm not afraid to say it. Well enough about that because I'm still working on posting my photos of the best concert ever! Let's move on for now on something else I'm working on.

I'm helping my sister to put together her daughter's baptismal. Mr. Mad and I have been named main godparents. I love both of my sister's daughters as our own and we are very honored to be named godparents of one of them. I'm doing a lot because I wasn't able to give my sister a 2nd baby shower. At the time of her pregnancy I was planning our wedding. So much was going on and to do we couldn't get it together in time. So...I have everything set but now I'm stuck on the favors. I want something personable, theme relatable, adorable, and functional.

We are doing a Cherry Blossom theme'd baptism (although it isn't in season). It's sooo hard to be creative with favors when everything has been done before and most aren't functional. I did want to show you all what I have found so far. If you click on the description it leads you the link of the source. Please don't think I'm recommending these companies. I've never used them. I'm not sure how their services are. They are ones I've seen before so I'm sure they are reputable but I can't confirm that.

Cute but hardly practical favors:

Mini felt bags from My Wedding Favors

Embossed favor bag from Beau Coup

Eco-friendly colossal cake boxes from Wedding Things

Cherry blossom candy jars from Wedding Things

Functional but not theme relatable:

Organics Tea Collection from Wedding Things

"LOVE GROWS" Plantable Wildflower Favors
from My Wedding Favors

ADORABLE, non-fuctional, and way too expensive:

Small mini candy bin from Sophie's Favor

Functional, cute, and general:

Swing Top Glass Jar from Wedding Things

I think I know what I'm going to go for. Which do you think?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Biggest AW: I'm the first DIY feature of the Wedding Bee

I know I wasn't going to post til tomorrow. But yesterday... yours truly was on the Wedding Bee's first DIY feature. For those who aren't aware of the Wedding Bee it's a blog site that personally hand pick each of their members of their hive. The bees are to share with past and future brides (and/or groom) of their engagement experience way into their marriage (if they choose to continue that far in) with wedding as the main focus.

Well I met Mrs. Penguin, a bee blogger, online from a forum board of Then I met her in person at a bridal showcase hosted by my florist Huckleberry Karen Design and my day of coordinator of Bellissima Vita Wedding. It was there I revealed my labor of love "The wedding invitation" and apparently woo'd all those who saw them.

It was last week when Mrs. Penguin had contacted me. She wanted my invitation to be the first ever DIY feature because she couldn't forget them. I was literally falling off my chair with disbelief. What? Are you serious?

So for the last week I slaved over as I tried to remember my instructions of the invitation. I wanted to do this for their readers because it took me literally months to find inspiration and instructions similar to these. But it was never quite the same materials, size, etc.

If I were to order these to be made it would've been $10-15 a pop. My friends, family, husband, and I made 100 of them. The cost approximately $400 in supplies not including food to feed the helpers. I mean I can justify how one company would charge that much because the labor was intense. It would’ve been worth it but it was money I didn't have. And doing invitations for my family and friends... how could I not do ours? I wanted to look back at our invitations and say... I did that with my bare hands. I had my elves/brideslaves (so they called themselves) help me out, but the idea behind them was mines.

The post is here. Below is the copy of it. Sorry it's long but it was a long process.

Hi Hive, Mrs. Penguin here!

We wanted to kick off our newest feature with a really great DIY project, and Maritess‘ awesome wedding invitations immediately popped into my head. I ran into Maritess at a bridal show last year, and she brought a sample of her newly finished invites to show a friend. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them in person! The results were simply stunning.


(image by ed pingol)

They were wrapped up with a chocolate satin bow, and sent out in a kraft box. Images below courtesy of the fabulous floral designer, Huckleberry Karen.



Maritess made an accordion-style invitation that was beautifully Gocco’d, embellished with crystals and even had a bamboo mat for their monogram.



The inside lid of the box read “love is just love”, a sweet quote that Maritess and her husband love from the movie The Wedding Planner.





Wedding Party Information


Reception Information


RSVP Postcard


Maritess has been kind enough to share with the hive the DIY process for making her invitations, complete with templates below!



Items used:

-Chipboard 5×7 white on one side, kraft brown on the backside

-Boning Tool

-Scrapbooking tape

-Letter sized paper (textured or decorated, not too thick) to cover chipboard


-Rotary cutter/pair of scissors

-Downloadable Template: template_for_scoring.pdf

-Double-sided tape runner

1. Use the template above to print on the paper for the cover

  • It’ll help guide where to cut and fold

  • The printing on it is so light that when it’s folded in, you can’t tell from the outside that it has been printed on


2. Cut the paper by following the outer line of the printed template with a rotary cutting board

  • You may use a pair of scissors, but for accuracy use a rotary cutter


3. Place the chipboard in the middle of the printed-paper with the printed side up

  • I opted to place the chipboard’s white side downwards.

  • The printed inner rectangle on the paper should be the size of the chipboard as your guide of placement


4. Score at the inner lines with your boning tool (use the chipboard as a straight edge)


5. Score the at the printed diagonals at each corners with the boning tool


6. Then fold in the corners and smooth fold with the boning tool


7. Tape all 4 sides

  • You’ll want about ¼” in from the edge put a few inches of double-sided tape runner (approx 3” long)

8. Re-score the sides with the corners folded in using the chipboard in place as a straight edge

9. Fold the 4 sides in with the boning tool

10. Using the boning tool to smooth it out and secure the adhesive

Completed image:

11. Repeat steps 1-10 to create the second cover (1st is front, 2nd for the back)

12. Put aside to do the accordion fold


Items used:

-Poster Board 26”x20” (can make 3 accordions from 1 board)

-Pencil with eraser

- PVA glue from Paper Source

- Ruler (I used a mini t-square ruler)

- Boning Tool

- Heavy Books



1. I cut poster board to size

  • I used a big rotary cutter usually at Kinko’s near the copier machine (this varies at each location)

    • Cut them to 19” x 6 ¾”

    • Mavie from cut her paper lanterns out of the same size cardboard using a ruler, exacto knife, ruler, and cutting board. Use a letter opener (not too sharp) to score then cut. This method didn’t quite work for me. But you may have better luck.


2. Take a ruler and mark every 4 ¾” with a pencil near the top and bottom of the paper

  • The marking at the top and bottom will help make sure your ruler is lined up straight when you score

  • I used a No. 2 pencil for espresso colored paper (use a lighter lead pencil for lighter colored paper)





3. Score and fold at the markings with your ruler as a straight edge and boning tool to score

  • 1st fold is folded in 2nd panel, 2nd fold is folded back to the 3rd panel, and final fold is folded in to the 4th panel

4. Unfold accordion

5. Erase pencil markings


6. One end of accordion is light brushed with PVA onto 1st covered chipboard (the kraft side, good side is placed on the outside)

7. Repeat on the opposite end of accordion for the 2nd covered chipboard

8. While the PVA is wet you can take this moment to adjust the placement of the accordion and cover to all line up

  • You need to work as quickly as possible

9. Lay heavy book(s) on top of done pile to make sure it dries flat

10. After it dries you can apply your invitation inserts


Items used:

- Ream of paper for inserts

- Kinko’s/Office Depot that has paper cutting services

- 15” ribbon for the direction/rsvp ribbon slot

- Double-sided tape with removable backing (I used Super Tacky Tape 6yds 1/8” from Paper Source)

- Scrapbook tape runner

- Boning tool


1. Take a ream of paper to Kinko’s to have it all cut to the size of the panels

  • Each inserts measured to 4 ½” x 6 ½”

2. Design the inserts

  • I bought a floral design from user M-I-S-H-A to use

  • Printing after it’s cut worked for my printer - Cut one of your paper first to try it out

3. Print all inserts




4. Then apply the inserts to the accordion to its coordinating panels with scrapbook tape runner

  • I eyeball the center of the panel I’m applying the 1st insert, then eyeball the next insert in the center plus to the bottom of the first insert (use a ruler as a guide)


5. With the direction insert as my guide, I took a piece of 15” ribbon tied it around the card the way I want it to look.


6. Then I place double-sided tape with removable backing on the back of the ribbon so it can be placed onto the accordion

Completed invitation folded out:


7. Pull off the removable backing and position the card with the ribbon where you want it to be

8. When you positioned the ribbon pull out the card and rub it with your boning tool over the ribbon where the adhesive is to secure

9. Then add embellishments

  • You want to determine closure of book invitation, packaging, trims, and accents – be creative


Thanks so much Maritess for sharing your gorgeous DIY invitations, and your fabulously detailed instructions with the hive! :)

If you’d like to submit a guest DIY blog, please email it to us (or a link to the post) at guest at