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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PSA: Martha Stewart show on Blogging

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I'm sooo excited to announce the Martha Stewart did a show today on Blogging. Blogs are definitely an ongoing trend. Funny.. I've been blogging since 5 years ago when Xanga started. Now it's a wild spread epidemic. INSANE!

Anyways. I love Martha Stewart and I found her blog: click here. I don't know why I have just discovered this being a fanatic.

Check out the show:

Oh did I mention she's having a Blogging Contest? Read about it here: click here. Good Luck everyone!

1 comment:

Shell said...

Yes, I saw the show yesterday. I loved it. I'm a new blogger, so I guess i'm riding the wave. I'm glad to see blogs getting their due on how creative and well-written they are.