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Monday, September 8, 2008

My work: Baptismal Invitation

I'm working on a cherry blossom theme invitation for my niece's (soon to be goddaughter's) baptismal. I always research looks of other's work not to duplicate but take elements I like and don't like. Then try to collaborate all my likes and keep it all within a style I'm trying to develop.

I love silhouettes. So that's going to be the direction I'm going. Simple edges and images people can identify. Just like the Jilieland (Candy) theme that I had helped friends' create for their daughter's 1st birthday (also a goddaughter). This seem to be a trend so I have to work harder in not doing the same shapes as everyone else.

Here are my mock up of the front. I will be creating them on a 5x5 pocketfolder I bought from They had an unbelievable sale and I grabbed in a moment of impulse.

The pink is not as orchid purple/pink as it look (the middle is closer to the colors). It's more rosy but I was in a rush. And the flower is going to be that shape but I have to work on rounding off the edges or pull them in more towards the center. It doesn't exactly scream cherry blossom. I'll save it for another project because I love the look of them.


optionb copy


My style is starting to take shape. Don't you think?

1 comment:

Shell said...

The invitations are lovely. I think I'm partial to invite b. I like that the flower is all the way at the end.