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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In-Sites # 6: Big Huge Lab

Big Huge Lab

They have several utlities for you to use. I like the palette color generator. Say you want to create an invitation, party scheme, or decorate with a photo with colors that inspire you. Like this photo I love (courtesy of me from our honeymoon cruise)

I'd love to put the colors in our bedroom to remind me of the fun and relaxing honeymoon we had in Ensenada.

I upload the photo into the color generator of

And you get this

Not bad. Try it out yourself. And try these features as well:


Mosaic Maker

and for you Andy Warhol fans....

1 comment:

GiantsNiners86 said...

The "Warholizer" is pretty tight..Keep up the good work Tess!