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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eye Candy: Island Wedding, part II

Here are the remaining photos from last week. Again gorgeous wedding. I love these photos.. they are all so natural


After ceremony


Here's her information if you want to inquire about her services. She's a great person, very fashion forward, and talented. Don't forget to mention how you found her.

hg copy

Congrats Heather and Michael!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Biggest AW: 6months

I know this is the 3rd post today.. but I'm reminded..

20080329 Maritess and Edwin's Wedding - 0348

that this was taken 6 months today.

Happy half year anniversary baby!

We're not good at remembering dates or celebrating anniversaries but this is our first year of marriage.. I think it's worth recognizing... And I'm a bad wife. He remembered first. He he he! I have a surprise for him coming real soon. =)!. I can't wait to give it to him.

PSA: Sun Jose Hawaii's Store is closing!!!!!!!!!

A local store of San Jose, CA will be closing their doors.

This is one of those stores that will forever be engraved in my memories. All those years of going because of their Hawaiian intricate products were unique and quite popular when I was in High School. They were the only store that I knew sells the "Filipino Pride" tee's that I wore out back in the early 90's. They moved from their long time space into Eastridge Mall and I thought they were only going to expand from here on out. But I received this email over the weekend that they were closing. It saddens me to tell you all this but I wanted you all to know. Here's the email I received:

After 20 wonderful years in business, Sun Jose Hawaii will be closing our only location in Eastridge Mall. Our last day of business is October 15th, 2008 and EVERYTHING in our store is 40% OFF (except CDs/DVDs 10% off and food 20% off). Although we're closing our store, you will be able to continue shopping with us at Also, you can visit us at all the Bay Area Polynesian festivals where you can watch live performances, eat Polynesian food, and shop till you drop.

If you would like to know about promotions on our website and the festivals we're attending, please make sure your information is updated on our database by replying to this email and filling out the information below:

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:

Last but not least, we would like to thank all our customers for their support throughout these years. We will continue to remember all the musicians and halaus performing in our store, the local kine grinds being served in the parking lot, and especially our loyal customers stopping by just to say, "Aloha!"

Feel free to forward this email to family and friends.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Sun Jose Hawaii and The Parungao Family

Personal Spiel: NKTOB FOREVER

OMG! I was sooo emotional yesterday watching Behind the Scenes:New Kids on the Block on Vh1. They showed a preview of ther concert and I was tearing. Brought me back memories, anxious for their show here in the Bay Area, and happy they are back together.

That's my geekiness for the day. I got a lot of heat for loving them back then and it's cool. I still love them... I'll be lovin' you... I'll be...I'll be lovin' you...lovin you BOYS...


PS This week I'll finish the Island Wedding feature, show my work I did for a baptism, and finish my Wedding DIY: STD series. I finally figured out a schedule to blog. Have a great week people!

Friday, September 26, 2008


I need to bail today. So much going on at work. Good ol work. Anyone hiring? Ha ha ha! Perferably a place that will let me blog during work hours? Or how bout play with Photoshop and Illustrator all day. I'm good at "Googling". =)

Ohh forgot! Have a great weekend ya'all!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eye Candy: Island Wedding

I LOVE WEDDINGS. And I just had to feature my good friend's wedding. IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!! This is going to be in two parts and unfortunately the second part probably won't be til Monday. Fridays are Our Wedding DIYS. Booo! I know.

My friend Heather, whom I met at my current job, got married last August 23rd. She and I met last year. We immediately clicked and started discussing our weddings since we were engaged and planning at the same time. However, I remember when she left the company last May she said she only finished 1 dress: the flower girl dress. She was hand making her own, the flower girl, all the bridesmaid dresses, and her mother's dress. Heather made a total of 14 dresses. She pulled it off and beautifully if I may add.

We've been pressuring her to go on Project Runway. I think she would make a great candidate.

Congrats girl to you and Michael! Here's her email if you want to inquire her on a custom design dress: Click here. I'll post her business card in the next post. Please mention my name or site to her so she is aware how you contacted her.

All photos are by her photographer: ??? (waiting on her to reply to my email ;))



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Work: My Mrs. Bio

What is a "Mrs. Bio"? On a site where I network with other brides we each have typically two bio's: Planning (for during) and Married (for after).

I recently finished my married/Mrs. bio last week. It's still underconstruction as I'm waiting to take my aftersession photoshoot, place some reviews of companies I've used for supplies and rentals, and add my advices to future brides. The purpose of the bio's are to help brides that are still planning to develop their ideas. It's more expansive than a mood board and the mother of all inspiration boards.

My planning bio helped me to bring all the ideas together and it kept me somewhat organized. The married bio shows off the results. Check it out. I put a lot of work into it. I hope it paid off.

Click here to see the remaining of my page. The layout is done by me. The florish is from istock and the user is M-I-S-H-A: click here to see her work. This is the same orchid motif I used throughout my stationeries. Do you have a bio you would like to share?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In-sites#8: Joanna and her LotusHaus

Joanna of LotusHaus has an inspirational blog. As I'm going to my quest I'm routinely reading her posts on I have many interest as far as design. I heart interior design, party planning, culture, fashion, unique gifts, and stationary. This lady inspires in all of these areas. Her motto of her works is wittingly summed up to "enliven your inner space".

Take a look at her works:

Her floral designs:

Source is from: click here

Source is from: click here

Her graphics:

Source is from: click here

Source is from: click here

Party Designs:

Source is from: click here

Source is from: click here

Read her blog... you won't be disappointed. She has been featured in sites we all look up to such as and Hostess with the Mostess. Keep an eye on this lady. She has great taste, good vibes, and infinite amount of talent.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's Quote

Happy Monday. No doubt it'll be crazy at work today but I wanted to leave you all with a quote from one of my biggest inspiration: Helen Keller.

"The world is not moved only by the mighty shoves of the heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker."

-Helen Keller

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Wedding DIY: The Save the Dates part 1, The Card

From Save The Date Progress

Ok.. I probably did 1 too many things for this project that my Mr. Mad can testify. Poor thing. He DIY'd 100 of these for all our guests. This is before we discovered the squeeze corner puncher... so he tells people his thumb suffered a great deal. Ohhh boo hoo!

We are doing this in 3 segments (maybe even more):
1. The card
2. The accessories
3. The package

Part 1: THE CARD
So what I did was look around for a design inspiration. At the time the forum boards of were really hot on these boarding pass. I'd thought... with our theme "Tropical Zen" or "Pacific Asian" this would be cute to let our guests think they are going to a destination.

Plus we love traveling! Wheras driving or flying we traveled alot in the short amount of time we knew each other. The distance between our parents home alone is an hour drive. There's so much more to why we've decided to go with the boarding pass save the date cards.

I’ve seen different variations of cut for this but I think Alyee Design has by far the best in shape and design. She provides the best amount of space for a design and wording for an invitation/save the date. Click here for her instructions and template.

The template is free but I paid a donation because it’s just way too perfect to use. People please pay your dues to those who provide free services. A tip, a mention, anything will help them keep in business. It’s a competitive world out there. Help those who help you.

Ok enough of that. So I got the template and these are the tools I used to create mines:

1. Design editing software, I used Photoshop CS3
2. Color palette to work with
3. Cover paper (110lbs weight-I used office depot's brand it was cheap and readily available)
4. Scissors/rotary cutting board
5. Corn paper punch (We didn’t use this but I recommend: Fiskars Squeeze Punch Corner Round the Bend 5/8)
6. Stapler
7. Bone Folder Tool

My Instructions if you dare to read:
1. Decide on how you want it laid out. We decided on a two card layout. The front is to have the basic information and the 2nd card will have our greeting

2. I create whatever design I want on Photoshop. There’s two things to consider when doing this:

      a. The size of the design. How much of it I want to take over the card
      b. The color. I kept it as light but still keeping the shape intact and visible.
The reason is because I’m going to transfer this design to a Word document. When that happens the colors change and if you resize within MS Word sometimes the integrity of the design is compromise. I did a lot of trial and error during this portion to get the colors and size corrected. So on that note keep the design simple and 1 to 2 tones.
3. Move your design onto MS Word template Alyee has designed by
      a. opening the template
      b. select “insert” at the top tool bar
      c. go down to “picture”
      d. select “from file”
      e. browse your folder
      f. select image

4. Place the design where you want it.

5. Depending on your design concept (do you want the words to wrap around your image or to over lap it) do the following:
      a. Click on image so the black border wraps around it showing it’s selected
      b. Right click so a drop down window pops up
      c. Select “Format Picture”
      d. Out of the tab select “layout”
      e. Test each option by typing on your document to see where the font lands and/or if it moves your image. This could take some times as well.
You’ll find you might have to readjust your image again after doing this.

6. After the layout of the image is placed type your wording.

7. Make all the final edits of the font (size, color, and style), the adjustment of your image, and any added design (ie. I added a text on the side panel, a seat number, dotted lines on the left tabs).

8. You’re ready to print.

9. Test print on regular paper first to see how the colors come out.

10. Then try the cardstock and see if you need to make adjustments to your printer setting. Some printers like to know what kind of paper you’re putting in. Adjustment of printing could be found when you’re printing window pops up for options. Sometimes you have to go in further on that window than it allows by clicking on “Property”.

11. So you are ready to cut. We started with all 4 sides of the cards.

12. Then we use the corner punch on all 4 corners.

13. We scored the tiny left tab (over our dotted lines) with bone folding tool and fold in that tab.

14. Then we took the corner punch again and cut twice at the top corner of the fold, then the bottom corner of the fold.

15. Unfold and there you have it… 1 complete card.

Ugh, Imagine doing 200 hundred cards. Labors of love. I will post over the weekend photos to go with these instructions.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Work: Wedding Inspiration Board 2

I should've posted this one a while back. In August the blog Coco + Kelly hosted a wedding inspiration board contest. I wanted to win so badly. It got on the ballot but didn't quite make it. BOOO! It's ok. I had a blast putting it together.

She has different decorated rooms to spring off the inspiration. This is the room I have chosen:

And here's the wedding I made up:

My sources:
Ceremony pomander:
Table set with centerpiece:
Bride and groom's attire:
Bridesmaid Dress:
Ceremony program:

I interpreted this board as "causal with a sophistication flare country wedding". =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PSA: Martha Stewart show on Blogging

source of image:

I'm sooo excited to announce the Martha Stewart did a show today on Blogging. Blogs are definitely an ongoing trend. Funny.. I've been blogging since 5 years ago when Xanga started. Now it's a wild spread epidemic. INSANE!

Anyways. I love Martha Stewart and I found her blog: click here. I don't know why I have just discovered this being a fanatic.

Check out the show:

Oh did I mention she's having a Blogging Contest? Read about it here: click here. Good Luck everyone!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In-sites#7: Augie Chang

This is for the Bay Area photographer enthusiasts. Did you know that one of our known wedding photographer sets up workshops out of his own home? I'm almost hesitant to post this because I want to get in one of his workshop which looks like is always booked. Check out the blog here: for upcoming worshops.

I found him being subscribed to few a photographer's blog and one of them posted an expert workshop. No way would you see me signed up for that class, but I asked him if he or he knew of anyone that provides a beginning skills workshop. He directed me to Augie Chang.

And if you like his work and want to see more:

Please let me sign up first then you all can mob the remaining spaces =)!

Monday, September 15, 2008

PSA: SF Giant's Filipino Heritage Night

This is your Public Service Announcement. No secret I'm Filipino-American and a SF Giants fan.. although it has been rough without Barry Bonds. Well next Tuesday, September 23rd they are having a Filipino Heritage Night, the 2nd time this year. You can read about it here:

They are bringing it back due to popular demand. However I did received information from a friend that the sales aren't high as expected. FILIPINOS and friends of Filipinos support the culture. The tickets have been discounted to $20 for the reserved seating for this event. There's a pre-party with entertainment and I believe there'll be entertainment during the game. I used to be a dancer and teacher for 10 years. I would love to see the group continuing the legend of our folk dances. So I'll see you there.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Wedding DIY: Wedding Slide

I will do a bit of this feature once a week to fully explain our Do-It-Yourself projects from our wedding. Thanks to our photographer Ed Pingol Photography for motivating me to put these ideas together simply by asking if our slide could be posted on a blog. I've been very bad to community lacking the resources of our projects. By doing this feature I figured I can kill two birds with one stone.

This is entry is going contain a guest contribution from Mr. Mad (my husband) as he explain in details how he put together our wedding slide. It was a long process but he did it 2 days before our wedding... not suggested.

In our wedding slide my favorite section is the our engagement session with Ed Pingol. Our best man Marlon took video clippings of this session voluntarily out of the kindness of his heart. We are very grateful of this knowing he didn't sleep much as he works graveyards at his full-time job. The finish product of the collab work of Mar, Ed Pingol, and Mr. Mad has definitely paid off.

Mr. Mad's wedding slide how-to
1. Select music (the rest of the project is dependant on the song length)
2. Collect pictures and video clips
3. Organize and trim pictures and video clips to fit timeline (used Adobe Premiere to put video together)
4. Select transitions between pics and video and adjust timing
5. When satisfied with the project outcome, render video and burn to DVD

Let us know if you have any questions. You can email me at my contact email above or simply leave a comment.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Personal Spiel: Back-to-School Outfits

bus art by me

I was over reading Coco + Kelly's blog and she posted a very interesting topic about first day of school. She lists her picks for back-to-school outfits since it is the season. Here's the post. If was your first day of school right now what would you wear?

So her post is the inspiration of my post today. It made me wonder how I would dress for my first day of school. Mind you now.. I have a very random wardrobe. I don't think I have a particular style. However I manage to put together two outfits that are somewhat cohesive. I see the first few months of school as a crossover of Summer into Fall. So, especially here in California, I always opt for outfits that are very loose, airy, and comfortable for warm weather but in the fall colors. Here are my choice. Yes these are reminces of retro-ish style. For some reason beginning of school always reminds me of my all time favorite old tweeny movie Grease and Grease II. I'm a geek I know.

Top: By Old Navy - Women's Plus Color-Block Tie-Shoulder Tops in lead pipe; Sandals: By Old Navy - Women's Patent Bauble T-Strap Sandals in blue tropics; Jeans: By Lane Bryant - Double top stitch denim trouser in Dark Rinse Denim; Bag: By Torrid - Black Patent Print Handbag; Hair Accessory: By Torrid - Teal Heart Flower Tie-Dye Bandanna

By Torrid: Handbag - Green Butterfly Wood Handle Canvas Handbag, Shoes - Singer Black Patent Mini Wedge Heel, Top - Black Off-Shoulder Balloon-Sleeved Top, Necklace - Large Yellow Bead Necklace; Old Navy: Jeans - Women's Plus Low-Rise Straight Leg - "The Diva" Dart-Pocket Jeans

They make me wanna sing "You're the one that I want! Oooo ooo oo!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Claiming a sick day

Sorry no post today. Not feeling well. See yah tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In-Sites # 6: Big Huge Lab

Big Huge Lab

They have several utlities for you to use. I like the palette color generator. Say you want to create an invitation, party scheme, or decorate with a photo with colors that inspire you. Like this photo I love (courtesy of me from our honeymoon cruise)

I'd love to put the colors in our bedroom to remind me of the fun and relaxing honeymoon we had in Ensenada.

I upload the photo into the color generator of

And you get this

Not bad. Try it out yourself. And try these features as well:


Mosaic Maker

and for you Andy Warhol fans....

Monday, September 8, 2008

My work: Baptismal Invitation

I'm working on a cherry blossom theme invitation for my niece's (soon to be goddaughter's) baptismal. I always research looks of other's work not to duplicate but take elements I like and don't like. Then try to collaborate all my likes and keep it all within a style I'm trying to develop.

I love silhouettes. So that's going to be the direction I'm going. Simple edges and images people can identify. Just like the Jilieland (Candy) theme that I had helped friends' create for their daughter's 1st birthday (also a goddaughter). This seem to be a trend so I have to work harder in not doing the same shapes as everyone else.

Here are my mock up of the front. I will be creating them on a 5x5 pocketfolder I bought from They had an unbelievable sale and I grabbed in a moment of impulse.

The pink is not as orchid purple/pink as it look (the middle is closer to the colors). It's more rosy but I was in a rush. And the flower is going to be that shape but I have to work on rounding off the edges or pull them in more towards the center. It doesn't exactly scream cherry blossom. I'll save it for another project because I love the look of them.


optionb copy


My style is starting to take shape. Don't you think?

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Work: Maternity Leave

And no it's not me. One of our contact of our licensor left for maternity leave and we wanted to send a custom greeting. I know the font choice isn't anything spectacular but this was at a whim and I had limited resources.

Congrats Danielle.

Also happy belated to my friend G and bridesmaid.

We're celebrating tonight. Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great Finds: Bkylnpillow

Here's another item I think is worth blogging about. Bkylnpillows is hand crafted by one of the most known blogger in the community of wedding design. This shop of ring pillows for wedding ceremony are unique varying in patterns, textures, and presentation. I'm all for something different but something different and stylish gets extra kudos from me.

Vané of Brooklyn Bride launched these mama's just last Tuesday. So these are brand spankin' new products I believe is going to catch on quickly. Only if we waited another six month to be married I would totally buy them. Aren't they adorable?

You can purchase pillows here:

I love the twill mixed with the felt. Vané is definitely one talented lady. Attention all brides: READ HER BLOG. It's a beautiful blog about city, chic, unique wedding ideas. Even if you're not a bride it is truly inspirational to see her interior design reflected skills in her posts. She has a great eye. Here's the link to her blog:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great Finds: In-sites #5

This is a quick post as the busy-ness of work continues due to the short week. This time it's for the parents out there. Kids Craft Weekly is my feature this week for my in-sites (website sites that offers infinite ideas).

With the world going mad (particular with the bay area with robberies and other intense things) I think we need to put the down the video games and start teaching childrens more hands on projects. Craft is a great way to do that. These are my favorite because they offer educational value:

Simple Marching Drum

Daytime Telescope

And also party decor:
Patty Pan Flowers


Swishy Jellyfish

THANK YOU! For everyone's kind words yesterday. I hold them in dear in my heart. Its those kinds of encouragement that keeps me going.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Biggest AW: I'M FLY GIRL OF THE WEEK (cont.)


It's posted. I am featured on Fly's blog:

Check for today's articles. At this very minute I'm the first article. They constantly post throughout the day so just keep searching until you see "Fly Girl of the Week."

Here's the direct link for future reference:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Great Finds: DK Designs

One day I was reading on the Wedding Bee Miss Pineapple's post on non-floral wedding bouquet alternatives. Suddenly my mind flashes as it rewind to the day after my wedding. I said to my hubby "Wouldn't it be nice if I can preserve the way it looks right now?" and "I wish I would pay a little extra for more cymbidiums." Fast forward to several months after and back to reading the post a light bulb went off in my head. I wanted contact Diane of DK Designs to inquire the possibility of replicating my bouquet with the added cymbidiums.

I checked out their website prior to contacting them( There was something vaguely familiar. Then I browsed the work on the gallery and instantly remember. This site was shown to me over a year ago when one of my own bridesmaids Mel used her for her Big Island of Hawaii wedding. She had DK Designs made the flower girl lei and wedding favor detail. The results were really beautiful and I was in awed. I wished she did the bridesmaids bouquet in clay so we can take those bad babies home (a bouquet of cymbdiums yummy!).

So I contacted Diane of DK Designs because Mel had nothing but positive praises. Mel's feedbacks on vendors are as good as gold (she's a big yelper). Mel was right! Diane was a great pleasure to work with. She was very patient, detailed, and quick. After my quote and several emails back and forth I was sold. I didn't realize how quickly I would receive it. It was everything I had asked for and more. Thank you Diane!

Before (the beautiful original done by Huckleberry Karen Designs):

20080329 Maritess and Edwin's Wedding - 0114 20080329 Maritess and Edwin's Wedding - 0144

20080329 Maritess and Edwin's Wedding - 0475 20080329 Maritess and Edwin's Wedding - 0358
(photo courtesy of Ed Pingol Photography)

After (the amazing DK Designs replica):


maritess4 maritess2

(photos courtesy of Diane of DK Designs)

This beautiful arrangement will be my prop for my trash the dress (wedding aftershoot) that's coming up September 21st. Oohhh I can't wait!