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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Personal Spiel: I love to hula

For years I studied hula in Santa Clara. After 4 years I stop due to a series of events that were rapidly going by. This includes my wedding planning.

Anyways, moving up near the city of San Francisco I have a little more time during the week to be dedicated once again. By faith I came in time to receive an invitation to open enrollment for Halau o Keikiali`i. This particular halau is one of the biggest in the Bay Area and that only does open enrollment every two years. I signed up to be notified of open enrollment and after 1 year I finally got it.

When you join the hula community you have to treat it like your family. You volunteer when they need assistance. Am I crazy to commit to another activity on top of everything I'm doing? YES! But I love hula. It's the only thing that destresses me. I'm a little sad that I didn't do it for my wedding but my best friends did wonderful job of doing a routine:


Hopefully this doesn't cut into my blog times =). I'm ready to be toned again. This is the perfect song for my journey of this audition.

Starting All Over Again - Israel Kamakawiwoole

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Lisa said...

I have a friend who does it in San Bruno...