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Friday, August 8, 2008

My work: Tried beading

Everyone should try it at least once. I was pretty intimidated when I tried to make some earrings for my bridesmaids. It didn't pan out at all the way it looked in the pictures. I tried to duplicate this:

Isn't it beautiful? It didn't work out because I think i got the wrong pearls. I got the idea from this blog article on the Wedding Bee:

I don't have much time again today to write so I'd thought I share what I did one night last week. It was really simple and easy. I went to Michael's dollar day sale with my 20% coupon in hand.

I also picked up an embosser heater. I'm going to try to draft my friend's baby shower invitation since she finally got her house and we have a location for the shingdig! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. T!

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Congrats to the wedding couples of 08-08-08! The luckiest day of 2008.

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