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Monday, August 18, 2008

My work: Jungle theme invites

Happy Monday!

Sorry another quick blog before I head to work. I have another busy work week. I was able to do some creative work this weekend. I drafted up an invitation for a friend's shower I'm helping in planning. We're having a meeting Wednesday to get the details down. I'm happy because the party's November 1st. We're way ahead schedule! Whoo hoo! More details to come on that.

Here's the inspiration I got for the invites:

And my finished product:
With the burlap slip cover. It'll be sew on the side. When you remove the slip cover it'll look like...


Then if plans are approved by the group... I'll work on the map I'll be placing behind. We can't have an eco-friendly event using more paper. I wonder if anyone's going to catch on to the idea. Eh. We'll see.

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