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Saturday, August 30, 2008



I'd like to say (quoting my friend Mary when she apologizes) "I'm bad, my sorry" as opposed to "My bad, I'm sorry." The apology is for not writing yesterday. I had a lot going on at work and was not feeling the best. However I'm posting today because I got be the best email ever!!!!!

I am being featured! This time for one of the biggest creative and inspiring blog around. It has nothing to do with my wedding (other than it was my springboard). It's actually about me and what drives my creative inspiration. I saw their picks prior to me and I thought wow this would be harder than I thought.

The email came from Andrea of She informed me that I am their pick as Fly Girl of the Week. Putting me on this feature of their blog is such a big honor. I'm so on cloud nine right now!

Please look for the article Tuesday, September 2nd. And if you forgot... Don't worry I'll be blogging about it of course

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great Finds: Japanese Discount Stores

Last night I did a focus group for a company that's planning on building a new development in the Milptas area. A shopping center revolving around asian markets. During the discussion I realize when posed with the question "What small store would catch your eye?" A light came on and I said "DIASO!".

I love a lot of things but my newest shops to love are Japanese discount stores. Japanese always comes up with the cutest, innovated things to sell. Although it's a trend well on its way.. it's still not very much advertised or publicated. So here's a freebie for my two favorite little convenient shops: Daiso and Ichiban Kan.

Check out their sites. Most of their items ranges from 1.50 to 9.99. They vary in products from household items to crafts to school supplies. Anything I want to experiment in doing (painting, organizing) those stores are my first stop. It's a great place to check out if you DIY your things. And it definetly help me with party set up. Like their 1.00 bamboo placemats helped my tablescape... BOOYYYEEE! I wanted to stained them(and you'll see why)but dear husband refused any work on those babies:

20080329 Maritess and Edwin's Wedding - 0527

However it worked well with our color and tropical zen scheme.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Personal Spiel: I love to hula

For years I studied hula in Santa Clara. After 4 years I stop due to a series of events that were rapidly going by. This includes my wedding planning.

Anyways, moving up near the city of San Francisco I have a little more time during the week to be dedicated once again. By faith I came in time to receive an invitation to open enrollment for Halau o Keikiali`i. This particular halau is one of the biggest in the Bay Area and that only does open enrollment every two years. I signed up to be notified of open enrollment and after 1 year I finally got it.

When you join the hula community you have to treat it like your family. You volunteer when they need assistance. Am I crazy to commit to another activity on top of everything I'm doing? YES! But I love hula. It's the only thing that destresses me. I'm a little sad that I didn't do it for my wedding but my best friends did wonderful job of doing a routine:


Hopefully this doesn't cut into my blog times =). I'm ready to be toned again. This is the perfect song for my journey of this audition.

Starting All Over Again - Israel Kamakawiwoole

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Finds: In-sites #4

To create your website for your event/show case your work try:

This site is a domain and web hosting in one. I'm sure there's more to it than my lazy butt is willing to check out. If you want to only use for 1 year it's great savings for you, $9.99 a year.

This is what we used for our wedding site. I haven't update in awhile but here's what I did:

Check it out and see if its for you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My work: Wedding Garter

I searched hi and low for examples on garters to inspire my own. This is the first time I ever attempted to create a garter. I realized... sewing on satin ribbon.. kinda hard to find the right thread. So I just sew the edges and turned it inside out. I made a simple rosette and fabric covered button for the middle.

What you think?

Here's my Non-Pro Sewing's guide:

2 - 3 yard spool of 1 1/2" ribbon in 2 colors (Shown here is fushcia and baby blue)
Sewing machine (any will do)
1 - 1/2" Button Kit Maker
1 - 1/4' elastic (you can buy at any fabric store) length varies per person

1. Cut 2 strips of ribbon of the color you want the band to be. Cut approximately 1 and half in length around the area you are placing the garter.
2. Use your sewing machine to seam the edges (the long way) both on the top and bottom.
3. This creates a tube. If you're seams are good enough you can leave it as is. But if the colors are off.. or the seam you can turn it inside out for a more polished look.
4. Thread through the elastic scrunching the fabric so it reveals both ends of the elastic.
5. Sew one end of the elastic to the end of the fabric it's aligned with.
6. Sew the other end of the elastic to that completed end.
7. Take the remaining end of the fabric and tuck in the bad edge.
8. Then slip it over the completed end and sew with matching fabric. If you pull on the tension it should hide it self eventually.

The rosette:

I just loosely followed this direction:

However I don't think I used the same length.

The button:
Cut a piece of the same color ribbon as the rosette and follow the instructions of the kit.

I thought this would funny to share. My poor sewing machine. I didn't want to invest until I can fully pick up the skills of a sewer. I'm going to take a class soon. Can't wait!

If you like it and want me to custom make yours to relieve your diy's I'll be posting it on my etsy account (seller name: maritessb) in a few days or email me!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Great Finds: Hey Lady

I was browsing through Augie Chang’s (a well-known wedding photographer in the Bay Area) blog and ran across his piece on the Hey Lady Fashion Show (blog here). The Leung twins, the designers of the show, are both ultra talented with a wedding shoes and short wedding dress line called: Hey Lady. I’m sooo in love with their styles. I wish I can sport them. Their brand is highly sophisticated, chic, trendy and very functional accordingly to their bio. The site is:

And these are my fave items:

At Tiffany's

Off the Market


Dolled Up

Check them out today. I'm not sure what their price range are but they look amazing and worth inquiring.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today's Quote

Sooo busy at work. WAHHH I'm all by myself today. But I like this quote that I want to share with you:

Everything that is worthwhile in life is scary. Choosing a school, choosing a career, getting married, having kids--all those things are scary. If it is not fearful, it is not worthwhile.

-Paul Tornier

So true Mr. Paul Tornier... sooo true! At least tomorrow's FRIDAY! Whooptie whoop!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Finds: In-Sites # 3

I present:

I've discovered DAILY CANDY last year when I started planning my wedding and wanted to be in the know of any sales. I'm a bargain hunter and love to know how people keep in touch with random events to these sales. Especially trunk shows!

Not only I get a heads up when it comes to local sales but also what to do on the weekend. I've received social events, what to read, what to see, etc. I love this site. It opened my eyes to the world around my neighborhood. Now living near the city this has been most convenient subcription when trying to figure out where to go and what to do. Go on the site and see if they have your local city. Thank you DAILY CANDY!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My work: Jungle theme invites

Happy Monday!

Sorry another quick blog before I head to work. I have another busy work week. I was able to do some creative work this weekend. I drafted up an invitation for a friend's shower I'm helping in planning. We're having a meeting Wednesday to get the details down. I'm happy because the party's November 1st. We're way ahead schedule! Whoo hoo! More details to come on that.

Here's the inspiration I got for the invites:

And my finished product:
With the burlap slip cover. It'll be sew on the side. When you remove the slip cover it'll look like...


Then if plans are approved by the group... I'll work on the map I'll be placing behind. We can't have an eco-friendly event using more paper. I wonder if anyone's going to catch on to the idea. Eh. We'll see.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Great Finds:

Have you heard of this site? It's a online musical library. I found this through an 18 years old! I'm so happy I'm not confine to what's been playing on the radio. I like a variety of music. Today alone I've listened to disco and Michael Buble. I think I'm going to go for Kidd Rock next.

Well I'm posting this because it'll be a great way to prep your playlist for upcoming events. They have almost every kind of music possible. Just do a search and see what comes up. I even found Tagalog (my native tongue that my parents only speak) artists on there. WOW! The thing is that it's only music streaming. You can't use the songs you put on your playlist into your ipods/mp3's. You have to buy them if you want to download the songs. Try it out and enjoy what you'll find. Did I mention "Dancing Queen" and all the other songs of Abba is on there?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Personal Spiel: Bogged down at work

Sorry I have nothing to post today other than a vent. I'm working for this fun-loving environment and now.. everyone's flying the flock. I've only been here 1 year people... and all our veterans are leaving. One vet told me at a drunk farewell.. "GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" I was floored by that comment. The people they let go were the most talented, the spirit, and hardworking of the company. So I'm torn.

I love this company because of the support I got from getting married, going to the Philippines to see Grandpa, and being sick alot adjusting to the "city" temperature. But I want to go back to school. I thought this place would be my stepping stone to the design department. But then certain situation that had happened landed me in a position I don't think I'm ever going anywhere. I've been silently confined to my current position.

They did a recent big cut and moved a few people out of my department plus lay one off. What was once a functional team of 5 is now a overworked team of 2! TWO people! I said TWO. It's insane.

Well I'm currently in the market and need to update all my resumes that are online. I have my eye's set on one company but my mother in law works there. Nothing against MIL Mad but working with family can be hard. But she's soooo cool and we might be doing two completely different things we probably won't notice each other. The reason I'm looking into that place is because it's a well known art school. One of the perks is getting 1 free class per semester. PERFECT! Graduating class of 2030 here I come! JK.

I really want to be in a company I want to be at for years. Mr. Mad and I would love to have children someday and I need to feel comfortable that I can take maternity leave and not feel my department would suffer. Right now when one person is gone on a vacation/sick/personal day... it's tough on the one that is at work. SUCKS!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My work: Jilieland (I did a very small part)

I helped the momma and dada of Jilie to help create Jilieland for her 1st birthday. You've might've saw the album I created for the little one in a past post. Now you can see the favor bags, the set up (I helped very little with because of the other things I was doing), and the amazing thing we dreamt up together.

Happy Birthday again Jilie! Everyone enjoy the photos I took. I wished I took more. The dj is Mr. Mad =)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great Finds: In-Sites # 2

Here's another site I love to use. The blog of Craftzine. The url is Every day I'm inspired to do something. I have already archived over a dozen patterns on crocheting, making booties, anything you name it! The best craft site ever!

Here are my faves:

Japanese dress
For the article click here.

Chopstick Rests
For the article click here.

Bake a Guitar Hero Cake
For the article click here.

Firefly LED Baby Booties
For the article click here.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My work: Tried beading

Everyone should try it at least once. I was pretty intimidated when I tried to make some earrings for my bridesmaids. It didn't pan out at all the way it looked in the pictures. I tried to duplicate this:

Isn't it beautiful? It didn't work out because I think i got the wrong pearls. I got the idea from this blog article on the Wedding Bee:

I don't have much time again today to write so I'd thought I share what I did one night last week. It was really simple and easy. I went to Michael's dollar day sale with my 20% coupon in hand.

I also picked up an embosser heater. I'm going to try to draft my friend's baby shower invitation since she finally got her house and we have a location for the shingdig! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. T!

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Congrats to the wedding couples of 08-08-08! The luckiest day of 2008.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Personal Spiel: I want a SINGER

Although I have things to do I was veggin' out watching tv yesterday and I came across the darn Home Shopping Network. AHHHH!!! They happen to feature a computerize Singer. Here it is ... brace yourself:

Singer "Curvy" Top-of-the-Line Computerized Sewing Machine

Look it even have my name on it "CURVY." I mean I was really gung-ho about getting it. It was a total sign. It found it's way to my shopping bag ready for me to hit that submission button. But then my ADD got the best of me. I ventured through the rest of the site curious to search amongst the brothers and sisters of this machine. BIG MISTAKE!

Singer Futura CE-150 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
I'm sooo embarrassed that my drool is covering my keyboard at the moment.


I want any of these soo bad. If any husband of mines (there's really only 1 and only Mr. Mad) is trying to figure out what to get for my birthday... I'll settle for either one of these or even this:

Singer 1000+ Stitch Function Computerized Sewing Machine

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In-Sites # 1: Pacific Weddings

This is where we feature a new blog once a week.

I love design blogs. There's so many out there. Stationary, wedding, party, and even some stores are putting out blogs related to their products. My "MY YAHOO" page is overflowing with them.

I don't have much time... But I wanted to let you know about Pacific Wedding's blog. I believe they were originally a magazine that's also a wedding store full of elegant Pacific wedding goodies. I bought my cake topper (or sider as it where it was place). It was sooo cute and reminds me so much of us (other than the skin needed to be color stained brown) I couldn't resist it.

This is how we look everyday when we part for work or to go out with own friends.

Well the point I was getting at... Their blog is full of inspirations for wedding style by showing real weddings, advices, and everything else that's wedding related. And if you're a DIY-er they having a contest right now. I'm thinking of entering my own invitation I designed. All this to be featured in their magazine and you can gain a set of wedding design books. WHOOO HOO! It's been recently extended to August 22nd.. So submit it now:

Monday, August 4, 2008

Great Finds: Etsy Seller "little purls"

What a weekend. I hope everyone had a more relaxing one than mines. I didn't write Friday because I was not feeling myself. I apologize.

Anyways... I want to feature this seller the Daily Candy(more on the Daily Candy later) has emailed me this morning. I am so amazed at the creativity this lady have. Lately I've been getting into crocheting (amongst 10,000 new things I'm trying to learn) and I'd thought this lady is a great inspiration. Check out her work. Her shop is called "little purls".

I pulled a images few off her Etsy shop that I like: