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Monday, June 30, 2008

My work:

I've been working hard studying on brushing up my skills. To some people these things come naturally and for the rest of us... we work hard to keep up. Soon will be up.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My work: Sometimes I see something

And I try to translate it to a design.

Friday, June 27, 2008

My work: Hello (echos) hello o o o

Sorry I didn't blog in a few days. I've been working hard to crank out a photo guestbook for one of my best friend's daughter's 1st birthday. I'm more than happy to do it especially since she's one of my goddaughter.

About a year ago I started doing album layouts on a surprise gift (still working on it). However that album is another story and 60+pages.

Anyways, I wanted to blog 1 page of the album I'm currently working on to sneak preview everyone who reads my blog:

The couple mostly take their own pictures and they are quite the photographers. I just photo edit to bring out the colors, b&w to hide some weird discoloration, and even make some look dreamy. More to come soon.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My work: Save the Dates for Liz

There was a knottie on the board that showed her creativity on her Save the Date design featuring her daughter. This was a cute idea to personalize their Save the Dates. I asked her if I can enhance it for her. She agreed to let me. My purpose was not to take away from her idea so I just worked around it. I added borders, played with a few border ideas, and added different fonts. This is what I came up with.

Thank you Liz. I hope they turn out well for you. And anytime you need help I'm more than happy to.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great Finds: Went to Target yesterday and...

Look what I saw?!?!

Its almost identical to the orchid drawing I used for our wedding invites. See for yourself

Crazy isn't it? Only if DjMrE was liberal enough to let me know decorate our bedroom with pinks. He he he he!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Biggest AW: Look-ie here!

I'm proud to announce I am on Project Wedding's beautiful weddings. Go to Project Wedding, Photos, and then click on "Beautiful Weddings". My photographer Ed Pingol is very talented and I'm proud to showcase his work. All I did was asked one of the 3 webmaster Margaret how does one become a part of that feature? She emailed me instantly and said she would love to showcase our wedding. LOVE IT! Kudos to Project Wedding, Maragaret of PW, Ed Pingol Photography, Lisa (my coordinator) of BV weddings, Karen of Huckleberry Karen, and me and my bridesalves (bridesmaids hilariously called themselves my slaves) for my DIY's.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Your PSA: Renegade fair is coming to SF

I'm sooo excited. I'm not sure if this is open to the public. Believe me... I will find out. It's the ultimate craft fair. I love craft so I need to be in that fair. Somehow, someway!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Thoughts: Post wedding blues

Image courtesy

After the wedding...we took our honeymoon, we build up our home as much as possible, and returned back to work to resume our life. I love my husband. Lately I've been a little emotional and I realized this week what it was... I'm missing San Jose (my hometown). I did a typical wife thing and moved to where my husband is. I don't have regrets. I chased after my dream. I'm living it. But I do miss the closeness of my girlfriends and family. I'm here in San Jose this weekend. Stay in the city during the week and come back down for the weekend. Something I used to do every week. For about 3 months I've been mostly in "our" apartment. When there are new things there comes with new transition. Marriage is entirely new to me... So I have these ideas that now we're married we're to do everything. But I'm learning all that should've just change is that we're on paper and we did it under God with our love ones as our witness.

Identifying myself is something I've worked hard to get to before I met my "one". I started feeling after the wedding being attached to him I was losing myself. But all he's ever done was support me to be myself. Remember when you enter into married... it's not to join you two as one. But solidify the union you already have. Enjoy the planning and remember it's "just you and him".

Inspired by the movie I just watched "Sex and the City", my loving husband, and bestest girl friends in the world.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Great Finds: Laughing to myself today

After seeing this:

My first thought... OOOOHHH that's cute for a baby shower. And I thought probably for a boy with those blue eggs. Then I laughed to myself and came up with the goofiest theme "We have a little birdie!" Would the be offending?

So wrong. But those nest are definetly cute and can be found on Ideal Favors.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My work: Illustrator

I've been doing a lot of illustration off of Illustrator 10 and CS3. I'm learning to love the program. Back in college I refused to learn it after learning Photoshop. But now I want to do my own artwork and it's a great software to use. I've been doing some work for as invitation I helped designed. I wished I had the file but here's a little pictures of it:

Here's a logo I was toying around with:

And my self portrait:

Great Finds: I ♥ Etsy

Isn't it adorable? It would have to be a fancier wedding to get away with it.. I think it would have to be for a baby though. I can't imagine a 10 years old in it. It's an Etsy listing! Click here for the listing on Etsy. I ♥ Etsy. I always want to buy stuff from there. I have to hold back. I did get a few things from there for my own wedding.

This beautiful piece from Piperewan:

This from Palomasnest:

Happy Etsy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My work: From the MADS

The MADS are a collab work from DjMrE and Simply maritessb. That's my husband and I. We took pictures at a recent event. My BFF's (best friend forever) surprise anniversary get together. I'm learning how to edit pictures. He's having fun with his newest investment Nikon D40.

It's not the best but it's a working progress (click on the album below):

Congrats Jennie and Jun! I can't wait for May 22nd, 2009 when we, ahem... I mean you renew your wedding vows.

I saw: She's here!!!!!!!!!!

Do you see her? Wait a minute let me zoom in.

Now do you see her? I can't wait to check out the exhibit at the SF MOMA on Frida Kahlo. I love her works. The colors, bold statement, and the richness of it. It's sooo exotic and beyond any other artist's style. I love that she's a woman and a controversial artist. YOU GO GIRL!

Diego Rivera, her husband. is also a favorite of mine. I wished they did a joint exhibition. But for now... here I come. My first visit to the museum since I left Brooks College.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Personal Spiel: Design Decisions

After all the drama in my favorite board *NOR CAL* on the wedding community, I've decided to design for free and put all my efforts into designing vs lurking the boards. I know my work needs a lot more sharpening up so I'm accepting to do pro-bonos to get my skills in shape.

I've been chasing after design since my early years. I was in the publish technology magnet program throughout high school. So I've taken grahpics and commerical arts for 3 years. This is the pre-web years. Geez.. it has been that long. Those classes was the most fun and challenging experience in high school. Since I'm asian-pacific designing wasn't sitting too well with my parents. Now I'm in the ripe age of 30 and have been through all the careers my parents wanted me to dabble in. I'm going back to school. I'll be designing for free until I complete classes. I would like to focus on party stationery since that's what I like to do best.

Right before my wedding I did invitation design for free for one the March 08 brides. She didn't have any graphic design background and I wanted to start experimenting with others (non family/friend members) as my client. I did her monogram first and it inspired her invitation design. She was very appreciative (so she led me to believe.. he he he!). She had it printed in Office Depot of Florida to save the money of me buying the items and shipping it over to her. I totally let her do this because I was a bride alongside of her. I know how little expenses can add up. I whited out her and her now husband's last name to protect their identity as well as their address on the RSVP. The RSVP is a postcard design inspired by the lovely Barnhunter's bio and Mrs.Bruin's bio of wedding community

Monday, June 9, 2008

Favors: Cute baby shower things

I was looking around trying to get ideas for my Goddaughter's 1st birthday and I saw these from In fact they have a few other cute stuff for baby showers. Click on any pictures to direct you to order these.

Thoughts: Color Palette

I LOVE blues... and brown. This would've been a great palette for us but we're not one to try to copy friend's style (one wedding did blues) in order to respect their originality. This image is found on They are having a sale on linens in these colors so if you plan on using them here's the link:

Friday, June 6, 2008


I'm trying to get in this crazy biz as a stationer, graphic designer, and wedding/party coordinator. Do I stand a chance in this competitive world? Probably not. But I'll try and hopefully someone see's what good work I do and get recognized. I have to blame my bravery to my husband, family, and friends. They believe in me enough to encourage this direction. I hope they love me enough to tell me the truth and I'm not wasting my time. Just kidding. I trust they are honest. And if not I'll have the best time doing what I do anyways. Stress has always been a bit of a factor in my life because I've been doing odd jobs to fulfill my debts. Now I want to just do something I've always wanted to do: design and coordinate. My purpose of this blog is not to only showcase my work but to instill people's belief that anything's possible.

My husband and I recently had a wedding. It wasn't exactly perfect to the outside world but it did incorporate almost everything I wanted to achieve from this event. We did it all for under 30k. Hard to believe? Of course it is with this inflated economy. The sources are out there and believe me it’s a lot of work. But I'll continue to encourage the budget friendly brides by posting great deals and finds. And of course my services will be competitive in prices as well. If I'm encouraging the budget route how am I going to offer something that's not budget friendly?

Welcome to my blog. I hope this will inspire someone. Even if its one person.