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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The above was my homemade gifts for a few kids I know. I just finished it a few days ago.
-Photo by maritessb

Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying the holiday festivities. I have and now I'm going to ring in the New Year relaxed and composed. I'm going to spend the count down alone with my Mr. Mad safe in our apartment with a bottle of champagne and the greasiest pizza in the city. After our hard work this year that is how I want to enjoy myself.

New Years resolution to me is usually a set up for failure but this year I'm not going to look at it that way! I'm going to see it as LIFE changes. I already have gotten over the biggest habit of my life: SMOKING. It hasn't been long granted but staying away from certain stress has helped alot. So if I can do that I can do anything. Here are my top life changing goals for 2009:

1. Finish what I started before taking on another task

Source of image here

Fabrics are overconsuming my work area right now. I need to finish what I have so far before buying new ones. I need to finish my stationary orders, start on some web designs I have lined up, and publish some photo albums I have started.

2. Work out more

Source of image here

I'm signed up for my first ever yoga classes through Kaiser. First class is Monday. I'm going to join a walking/boot camp to take up the remaining of the week's work out. Minimal 30 mins a day. Or at least every other day.

3. Eat better
Source of image here

This one and no. 2 is a common goal for everyone every New Years. But I have a good motivation. Not a lot of people know I've been diagnosed with a life long digestion issue, that is why I stopped smoking. It only made it worse. This problem only progress if I continue to eat horribly. Don't worry this is not contagious but you do get it if you don't watch what you eat, stress, and/or over consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Gerd look it up.

4. Learn New Things

Source of image here

I want to learn yoga (already started), more craft mediums, photography, and ballroom dancing.

5. Charity Work

Photo by friend's cousin

I'm a firm believer that a good deed never goes unpunished. I think there is a message behind the economic downfall. It is that we lost human compassion for one another. We're obsessed with buying, competing, and feeling secure in our life. Now our boats are being rocked. I intend to ground myself. I'm looking into doing some charity walks, food bank volunteers, adopting a family, and establishing a can food drive at work for the holidays. Also I'm thinking of setting up with a group of good friends Christmas caroling around the neighborhood for cans. Something we used to do a lot when we were in high school and was successful at it.

Big plans huh? I'm hoping to try to be able to accomplish a little bit of every one of these. I have more but these are the top of the list.

2009 here we come. 2008 was great but I'm ready for bigger and better things. Thank you all I've met this year and your wonderful feedbacks to my blog. I'm forever gratiful and hope I have found a friend/reader for life. I'll see you all next year. I mean I'll be back Monday. Party hard but be safe.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My work: Venturing to Berkeley & Stamping


Mrs. J (a friend I've mentioned before) and I treated ourselves to a workshop at the Berkeley Paper Source. My favorite store in the whole wide world. Walking in that store is like a candy shop to me. I wish I had the wallet for it.

The photo above was during our walk around the area. We saw this car and thought.. it's so Berkeley and so interesting. I'm still trying to think of the symbolism behind it.

So the class was held by the person who does several workshop throughout Berkeley. I have to find her site and recommend her. She's very organized and informative. One of the best workshops I've taken. It was awfully quick. Two hours was not enough time to absorbed a ton of info and do a lot of stamp playing. Thank goodness she gave us a summary handout.

Here are my results mixing different stamp design and inks:
stamping copy

We've learned about:
VersaMagic Pigment Ink Pads
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Stamp Pads
Brilliance Pigment Ink Stamp Pads
Staz-On Ink Pads
ColorBox Pigment Ink Pads
And even embossing!!! It sounds painful but it wasn't at all.

It was a very informative and expensive day for Mrs. J and I. As we wandered through Berkeley we stumbled into fun shop like the Scrapbook Territory and Stonemountain & Daughter's Fabric Store.

I did quite a damage in all 3 stores. Berkeley definitely became one of my new favorite city.

Since it's Friday let me leave a treat for you all.. I made this a few weeks ago but I love how it looked:

Banana Bread that was YUMMY!

Have a great weekend everyone! Only a couple more days til Christmas! So I'm going to sign out for now and enjoy the hustle and bustle like the rest of the world. I'll definitely update on the Friday after. You all enjoy the time off as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In-sites #15: BV Weddings

Lisa of BV Weddings is one of the most talented person I have ever met in my life. I about died when I saw her planning bio on Everything was classy yet simple with a modern touch. She realized during her planning that she wanted to get into the wedding business as a coordinator and planner. Which then resulted in the launching her blog after leaving the talkboards of

Bellissima Vita's blog is such an eye candy to all wedding lovers. She reveals her work, the best in wedding accessories, floral pieces, and wedding cakes. It was here she transferred her CTW (Cool Things Wednesday) post from the The Knot board. Here are my favorites:

CTW: 61

Source of image and post click here

CTW: 60

Source of image and post click here

(I shamelessly arranging to buy this even though my wedding is over)

Cake of the Week

Source of image and post click here

Congratulations R&K

Source of image and post click here

Centerpiece of the Week

Source of image and post click here

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous blog! And if you want to know... She's fantastic as a wedding coordinator as she was mines. Mr. Mad and I was truly grateful she was part of our wedding team.

For her blog click here
If interested in her services click here

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My work: Pillow Quilt

Hi ya'll. I've been taking a sewing class at my city's park and rec center. It's a challenging thing for me to do but I'm getting used to it. I wanted to share my first project. My teacher didn't have a pattern for us to use and there are times I skip classes so I never get the whole instructions. It was Saturday mornings and there's just some mornings I'm not feeling my best. So the size of the pillow is a little off and the batting I used was completely wrong. However I'm impress that it turned out decent.



Ya.. that pillow is not a square at all. Ha ha ha! Not bad for the first time. It motivates me to make something better. Here's the similar instruction from the one of the biggest company to produce patterns:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Personal Spiel: Comedy Show Outing

A few post back I mentioned being starstucked and literally LMAO (laughed my a** off) at a comedy event. The show was called Slanted Comedy. It was hilarious!!!!

We went to celebrate some pre-birthdays: Gene and Jennie. We were in the first row so my deaf ears were able to catch every single spit (not really). All the comedians were not any I really know of except Ron Jasol. He's funny a Filpino-Candian who gives an interesting view of growing up through his'aye'(Like that? Ha ha ha! Ok that was weak). My husband is a fan the headliner Edwin San Juan. So I thought it would be fun to go.

This is one of the best comedian shows I've been to in a long time. Youtube search these guys' acts: Edwin San Juan, Joey Guila (the best host ever), Ron Josol, and Niko Santos.

Here our photos from that fun-filled night:
Downtown San Jose


The ladies of the evening

We were supposed to take couple photos but...

Edwin and Edwin

Supreme Souls

A Funny Photo

Although the editors of MTV portray Supreme Souls as being "cocky" they were nonetheless. They were very friendly and willing to meet a fan. And yes I'm a fan of this local artist. I would've struck a conversation but I didn't know what to say. I felt like a teen being tongue tied. Besides a group of younger girls followed in my footstep and request a photo op as well. Thanks guys for taking photo with I think your oldest fan. Ha ha ha ha !

Thursday, December 11, 2008

PSA: Crafty Haven

Source of image here

SF has a new place to learn craft. It's a pretty penny for the lessons but I'm going to take one for the experience. I want to start a real quilt and need someone to guide me. I think I can do it but I'm still insecure about it.

Check out the site:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My work: Sewing Project

I was very productive yesterday. I worked out and did some of my Christmas DIY. I have soo many to go. But I wanted to show you what I did last weekend.

It was soooo easy. I got the instructions from Three bear's blog: Here's the link to the tutorial: Click here.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Personal Spiel: Holiday Frenzy part 2

I finally figured out my color scheme and theme to decorate. It wasn't any of the theme I mentioned in this post. So now I'm going through what kind of ornaments to put up. I'm going for a natural theme and I saw these inspirational ornaments.

Simple Sewn Bird Ornaments by Molly of The Purl Bee Blog

Source of image here

I love this idea. So I think I might do it in faux velvet or something that'll fit in my theme a little more. We'll see.

Then I saw these at Hostess the Mostess blog and fell in love:

LilyGirl Jewelry Pieces

Source of image here.

They are up for a giveaway. I entered praying I get it. They are sooo gorgeous. I almost wonder if it's DIY-doable. Hmmm...

But the first ornament I stumbled upon was in Lotus Haus' blog

Ornamental Art by Karen Kimmel

Source of image here

So much to plan... so little time. *whispers* Help me! JK. I'll get everything in time... *crossing fingers*. I hope everyone's doing better than I am as far as the holidays.

Monday, December 8, 2008

PSA: Martha Stewart Craft

Oh I have soo much to write in terms of what crafts I've been doing. But I've been sadly distracted by the time I go home. I do my crafts but I never took photos of them and/or download them. I've been awful. Instead of prepping my post I got really obsessed with these sales. And last night was no different. Martha Stewarts craft site have everything half off. If you like Martha's products check it out. I wanted to go overboard... but I did well. I kept it at $20.00 even though I got up to $90 at one point. I was trying to reason with myself all night.

Here are my purchases:

1” Scalloped Circle Craft Punch
Source of image and product click here

1” Circle Craft Punch
Source of image and product click here

Chestnut Permanent Marker
Source of image and product click here

Charcoal Permanent Marker
Source of image and product click here

Small Glue Stick 3-Pack
Source of image and product click here

Binder Hole Edge Punch
Source of image and product click here

I am not sure what I have plan for these but they will be used. Even if I'm sick of them. Here's the website:

Friday, December 5, 2008

PSA: Old Navy's Tomorrow Doorbuster

Enjoy your weekend. No post today. Sorry.

But I did want to announce Old Navy's sale tomorrow. Can't beat that. Buy a pair and match it up to a homemade top. You got a budgeted outfit as a gift. Take care everyone.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

In-sites #14: Uptown Country

Here's a site I received via Daily Candy. This particular store has cute vintage things I wanted to share with you all. I really think their site is bookmark worthy.

Black Domed Pastry Stand Set
Source of item and photo click here

Evangeline Baby Booties & Burp Cloths Set Red
Source of item and photo click here

Vintage Rose Two Tier Cake Stand
Source of item and photo click here

Tiny Vintage Curio Cabinet Aqua
Source of item and photo click here

Frantiques Robin's Egg Vanity Mirror
Source of item and photo click here

Here's a few site of theirs to check out:
Blog: today.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Work:New Craft Workstation (Part Deux)

I know I already wrote another post today but I did want to include the pricing from yesterday.


Not bad considering the functionality of this. I used it yesterday. Put on my very first elastic on my very first pants. I would show but I'm embarrassed of it. Ha ha ha! It's huge. I totally overestimated my size. I'll post it someday.

In-sites #13: Ikea Hacker

I am a big fan of Ikea. Not because of the cheap furniture because of the endless possibilities. They have basic color schemes running in their furnitures allowing things to match, be painted, embroidered, or decoupage. In my previous post you saw a similar ideas to what the blog Ikea Hacker represents (click here for blog). People submit their work to Ikea Hacker where they take their products and change the form, color, etc. to give people new perspective to the cards they are dealt with.

Check out my faves:

Tired of your bare walls? Then you gotta check this out.
Source of photo and post click here

jazz up your bed frame with digital print
Source of photo and post click here

Spring Chick's to-die-for craft room
Source of photo and post click here

a kandell pilaster shelf look-a-like for $39.99
Source of photo and post click here

Time to put on some new skin
Source of photo and post click here

Check out: for more inspiration.